Top 3 Reasons to Put the Royal Canadian Circus on Your List for Fun Summer Family Entertainment

There are only two months in summer vacation. While the kids are out of school, and the family can finally spend time together, choosing the right events and activities to enjoy may be a challenge with so many ideas floating around.

Sure, a road trip through the mountains or a stay at a beach hotel are popular options, but why not try something unique and timeless this time? The Royal Canadian Circus is back in town this summer, and both you and your children will love all the acrobats and performers from around the world coming together to perform this spectacular show.

You might ask why exactly the circus is the best fun summer family entertainment you can find. Here are 3 of the many reasons to check out the Royal Canadian Circus this summer.

The Unique Acts

We at the RCC believe that circuses are designed to celebrate the individuality of the performers. Each of our acts comes from a different region of the world, from different walks of life, and with different circumstances where they learned their art.

That’s why every performance is not only fancy but also one-of-a-kind and not easily found elsewhere. You’ll notice that every acrobat and performer come from nations across the world.

• The Ringmaster from Switzerland
• The Strongman Act from Russia
• The Balancing Chair Act from China
• The Motorcycle Swing from South America

It’s no secret that all these extraordinary feats from the planet’s greatest performers all in one place make for an awesome day of fun summer family entertainment.

The Sights

The portrayal of circuses you see in cartoons and comics contain all sorts of colors and glamour, from clowns to lions to rings of fire. While not all of it is accurate, the image of a circus with vibrant colors that reflect an exciting tone and atmosphere is exactly what we’re aiming for here at the Royal Canadian Circus.

To illustrate, here are some of the color motifs we have for some of our performances:

• The simple outfits of the Flying Cortes Family complemented with their truly awesome aerial flips and stunts.
• The contrast between the red and white outfits of the TZ Aerialists.
• The multi-colored hula hoops of the Rola Bola Aristov act.
See how such colors, sights, and sounds contribute to a breathtaking circus environment at the RCC for some fun summer family entertainment.

The Broad Appeal

One great thing about the circus is that it appeals to the whole family; you don’t have to be young to appreciate this timeless classic.

The bright colors, dazzling flips, and breathtaking stunts of the RCC are worth experiencing regardless of your age, and parents will love revisiting an event that they probably remember from their childhoods.

Fun Summer Family Entertainment | Royal Canadian Family Circus – Spectac! 2019 | Alberta, Ontario

If you’re looking for some fun summer family entertainment around the Alberta or Ontario area this year, why not try out the Royal Canadian Circus? We bring the age-old tradition of acrobats and stuntmen to the modern day. Our shows this year span across Canada, including major cities like Mississauga, Scarborough, Etobicoke, and Edmonton, among others. Visit our website and purchase your circus tickets online today.

• There are hundreds of reasons to see the Royal Canadian Circus this year. Among them are the unique acts you’ll see, the sights and sounds of the circus environment, and the broad appeal of the show in general.
• Visit our website to see some of the acts we have in store for you. See performers from all around the world collected together to contribute to one epic show.
• The Royal Canadian Circus is back in town for a few months only. Get in touch with our website and purchase your tickets today in a city near you. Our show is popular, so we sell out quickly.

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