An all new show, jam packed with explosive live entertainment, featuring high-flying acrobatics, death-defying tricks, clowning and towering feats of strength, teetering towers of balanced bodies, extreme bending and devilishly precarious aerials.

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~ Opening Ceremony ~


Born to Swiss parents, Joseph Dominik Bauer comes from a 9th generation pedigree of circus performers.  His accomplishments in the world of the circus and aerial thrills are astonishing.  His numerous Daredevil feats, over 40 years, include performances on the 50’ Wheel of Destiny, High Wire, Stunts, Skywalks, Sway Poles, & the Inclined Motorcycle.  He has been featured on every major network in the United States, headlined Cirque du Soleil, Ringling Brothers, Barnum and Bailey Circus, Circus Sarasota, Equitana USA, Piccadilly Circus,  and more. Today Joseph Bauer is one of the most sought-after ringmasters in the circus world.

CLAUDIA ALVARADO Bauer from Mexico

CLAUDIA ALVARADO Bauer from Mexico, is a sensational Aerialist and Flying Trapeze artist whose family goes back 5 generations in the circus world. Her outstanding talents, athletic prowess, grace, beauty and daring maneuvers have taken her across Canada and throughout North and South America. This year her beautiful, vibrant, aerial act will be performed on the Circular Lyra Ring, as the TZ Aerialists accompany Claudia high in the air under the Big Top.


Hubert (Huber) and Camila Dominguez, from Colombia and Puerto Rico, are 5 generation circus performers. The Dominguez Duo Legends perform feats of bravery, trust, precision and skill in the Crossbow Thrill Act. It’s scary but extraordinary! They have performed in over 7 Countries around the world in shows like Shrine Circus, Cirque Musica, EDC Las Vegas, Jan Fun San Taiwan, Coors Light Circotic with Daddy Yankee and Snoop Dog and more. The husband-wife team has taken the Crossbow Thrill Act to a whole new level, showing the importance of trust and dedication while combining artistry and sport. Do not try this at home!


Piolito and his daughter Lucita will get the audience going with fun, laughter, and gags. Piolita, from Argentina, goes back 6 generations in the Circus world. You won’t forget his daughter, 9 year  Lucita, who first entered the Circus Ring at 3 years of age. She’ll knock your socks off! It’s all about family, and comedy ins their world.


This is a one-of-a-kind act. Gimmi, who hails from Italy, will transform magic and Illusions in the blink of an eye as the Phantom. He has performed with many renowned shows throughout the world including Cirque Italia. Erika Zerbini hails from the famed Zerbini circus family and is a 10th generation performer. The Fornaciari-Zerbini duo’s unique performance is absolutely “magnifico” !   

AFRICAN BONE BREAKERS Contortionist Troupe

You won’t believe what this act can do as they execute mind boggling contortion maneuvers that are “so good, they are painful to watch”. The African Bone Breakers group from Conakry, Guinea, Africa, wowed the judges on America’s Got Talent in 2020. Having learned their talents from the age of 7 years in Africa, these guys are gifted with the ability to bend, twist and distort their bodies in extreme ways. They have become known as the most flexible group in the world. You may ask “how do they do this”? Just wait, you’ll see … it’s astounding!

NILSON ESCOBAR from Peru will get you out of your seats!

Juggling goes back to before the Medieval times. But today, this historic artform has taken on a whole new meaning as Nilson Escobar takes you on a fast and furious journey. You’ll see a maze of flying objects that will get you out of your seats. He started performing at 8 years of age and at 34 years, has won numerous international awards in South America. He is making his mark as one of the fastest jugglers in the world, as he performs with precision, speed, originality, and fun. Born in Peru, Nilson Escobar has performed in Peru, Bolivia, Argentina, Uruguay, and will make his first appearance in Canada. He will thrust you into the brand new of world juggling unlike anything you’ve ever seen before!

MARIA EMILIA CHEMENO from Argentina on the high Flying Single Trapeze

When you hear of those who have “Run away to Circus”, this is Argentines, Maria Emilia Chemeno. At 15 years of age Maria knew this was her calling. So, she left she went to the Performing Arts University in Mendoza, Argentina and honed her craft to become a professional flying trapeze artis and realized her passion to perform in the Ring. She married Nilson Escobar, and now they travel the land doing what they love to do – entertain. Maria glides through the air with grace, athleticism, prowess and unwavering determination on the Flying Trapeze.


Led by Hugo Fernandez, the Fernandez Globe of Death is sure to keep you on the edge of your seats. You can’t get more extreme than this as this daredevil act continues to push it to the limits of what’s possible. The Fernandez trio from Mexico have performed throughout the world as they execute their fearless maneuvers and wow audiences wherever they go. They fearlessly throttle their motorbikes around the inside of a heavy steel cage while performing stunts at up to 80km/h. There is no room for error. It’s an act that you won’t forget. Guaranteed.


The gorgeous and talented Ladies of the Air from Mexico, Peru, United States, Argentina and Canada will take you into a world of elegance and beauty as they flow effortlessly through the air, high above the circus ring.  This team of amazing aerialists represent the multi-cultural talent of the Royal Canadian International Circus 2023 under the Big Top.


The Fantastic Five Guerrero High Wire Troupe from Colombia is a featured act to headline our all-new Royal Canadian International Circus 2023.  Hailed as the only high-wire act of its kind in North America, it includes 5 members comprised of 3 females and 2 males. They are the new stars of the future in the circus world as they execute dynamic acrobatic maneuvers 25 feet in the air.  These daring performers navigate bicycles across the high wire, plus leap, skip, jump 3- wide over each other and dance. They received the Golden Buzzer on Germany’s version of America’s Got Talent (Super Talent). Trained by the famed husband-wife team of  Aura and Werner Guerrero, who wowed the judges on America’s Got Talent, the Fantastic Five Guerrero’s will blow you away!