An all new show, jam packed with explosive live entertainment, featuring high-flying acrobatics, death-defying tricks, clowning and towering feats of strength, teetering towers of balanced bodies, extreme bending and devilishly precarious aerials.

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~ Opening Ceremony ~

  • Joseph Dominic Bauer - Ringmaster RCIC
  • Wheel of Destiny Circus Performance - Fun Family Entertainment Alberta
  • Performer Royal Canadian International Circus - Family Entertainment Ontario

JOSEPH DOMINIC BAUER from Switzerland – Our RINGMASTER & DAREDEVIL Extraordinaire!

Born to Swiss parents, Joseph Dominik Bauer comes from a 9th generation pedigree of circus performers.  His accomplishments in the world of the circus and aerial thrills are astonishing.  His numerous Daredevil feats over 40 years include performances on the 50’ Wheel of Destiny, High Wire, Stunts, Skywalks, Sway Poles, & the Incline Motorcycles.  He has been featured on every major network in the United States, headlined Cirque de Soleil, Ringling Brothers, Barnum and Bailey Circus, Circus Sarasota, Equitana USA, Piccadilly Circus, Moscow Cirque and more.  Today Joseph Bauer is one of the finest and most sought-after ringmasters in the circus world.

The Dominguez Brothers - Circus Performers - Purchase Circus Tickets Online Ontario

THE DOMINGUEZ BROTHERS from Colombia, South America

Originally from Colombia, South America, the Dominguez Brothers, who go back 8 generations,  meticulously execute unbelievable skills on the High Wire.  You name it, the famed Dominguez Brothers, Huber, Jose and Diego, have performed in every major circus in the world, won International Circus awards, been featured on National Television many times.  Get ready to sit on the edge of your seats in amazement!

  • Royal Canadian International Circus - The Xtreme Chinese Acrobats
  • Circus Performance - Fun Summer Activities in Minneapolis

The Xtreme Chinese Acrobats showcase the finest celebration of Chinese circus history.

They execute the traditional Chinese AERIAL BUNGEE by dropping 20’ from the top of the tent into the circus ring while swirling in unbelievable unison.  This is definitely a “wow” ensemble of Chinese mastery.  Their POLE act shows why the Xtreme Chinese Acrobats are among the best in the world as they perform tricks and stunts off vertical poles. Their HOOP DIVING act is mesmerizing as the synchronized Six-man troupe fly through a maze of hoops with precision, strength, and world class athleticism.

  • The Valencia Gauchos - Royal Canadian International Circus
  • Circus Dance Act - Fun Summer Entertainment Minneapolis


The Valencia Gauchos dance with boleadoras ancient weapons, that spin at an incredible 90mph, and perform routines to the frantic rhythms of bombos (drums).  You will be thrust into the Argentinian culture as the legendary Valencia Gauchos execute their performance fast and furiously with whips, capes, stomping with their feet.  And, oh, there is some comedy!  It’s an exhilarating power-punch of excitement that will surely be unlike anything you’ve seen before!

  • Motorcycle Circus Performance - Family Entertainment Alberta

SKY RIDERS from Colombia, South America

You’ll be blown away by the magnificent Sky Riders as Diego, Yesliane and Camilla Dominguez masterfully navigate the incline high wire on a motorcycle and trapeze to the top of the Big Top while performing all kinds of daring spectacular tricks.  You’ll see the incredible world of dare devil stunts, athleticism, and guts.  Let’s just say it’s unbelievable.

  • Videla Circus Family - Royal Canadian International Circus
  • Unicycle Circus Performance - fun summer entertainment BC


What can you say?  The Videla Family will make you smile as Piolita, Guillermina, Sebastien and 4-year-old Daiana perform on all shapes and sizes of unicycles.  Just get ready to have “fun.

  • Motorcycle Cage Circus Performance - Family Activities Ontario
  • DC Riders Globe of Destiny - Royal Canadian International Circus

DC RIDERS Motorcycle Globe

You will see incredible death-defying feats of skill and bravery in the Globe of Destiny  as the  DC Riders  attempt 4, yes, “four” motorcycles zooming around a steel cage of fire and lasers.  These seasoned elite dare devils use speed and guts, as they are constantly raising the bar beyond your wildest dreams.  There is no room for error as this 8th generation circus family from Colombia continue to push it to the limits of what’s possible.  In 2004 the Dominguez family broke a world record in Toronto, Ontario, when they had 8 motorcycles in the Globe at one time.  Get ready to sit on the edge of your seats in amazement!

  • TZ Aerialists - RCIC
  • Acrobat Circus Act - Purcahse Circus Tickets Alberta
  • Aerialist Performance Royal Canadian International Circus- Circus Tickets BC
  • Aerialists Circus Performance - Family Entertainment Minneapolis


The gorgeous and talented Ladies of the Air from Mexico, Colombia, United States, Argentina and Canada will take you into a world of elegance and beauty as they flow effortlessly through the air high above the circus ring.  This team of amazing aerialists represent the multi-cultural talent of the Royal Canadian International Circus 2020 under the Big Top.

  • Circus Finale - Online Circus Tickets Alberta
  • Circus Finale - fun summer family entertainment