Don’t Take Our Word for It: Why Previous Ticket Purchasers Recommend Purchasing Royal Canadian Circus Tickets Online

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Surveys have shown that online shoppers always prioritize customer reviews over even recommendations from family and friends. Knowing that others have enjoyed a product or service goes a long way to convincing you to take the plunge. It’s no different for circuses, and while there are plenty of circuses entertaining families across Canada, we believe that the Royal Canadian Circus offers a unique rendition of the centuries-old North American tradition that you don’t want to miss.

That’s why we here at the Royal Canadian Circus want you to hear about what our previous audience members have said about our show afterward. In addition to our after-show surveys (which themselves are almost entirely laudatory), we’ve collected quite a few online reviews of the RCC. If you’re on the fence on purchasing circus tickets online to one of our new shows this year, here’s what other members of the community have to say.

Modern Mama’s Review

Modern Mama is a popular resource in Canada for parents. In one blog post, one mother mentions how her 4 young boys were “awed by a group of juggling brothers” and have been attempting to “juggle all the things since then.” On top of that, she recommends purchasing circus tickets online to the show to all her readers and notes how “it is one of those memories that has stuck with my children over the past year.”

Darpan Magazine’s Review

Just last year, a Darpan Magazine writer reinvigorated his love for circus excitement at our 2018 showing, calling it “simply astounding” and noting how “every act is unique and filled with interesting delights and nerve-wracking moments.” Some of the favorite acrobats he listed included our champion juggler Tommy Tequila and our ringmaster Joseph Bauer’s Wheel of Destiny.

Terrra’s Review on Ticketmaster

Showing that the Royal Canadian Circus truly is for all ages, an online reviewer on Ticketmaster’s site mentions how he and his two daughters in their early 20s loved the show. To him, the event was a blast into the past as he was reminded of his childhood when the circus used to visit. “Fun for all ages,” according to him.

Tamara86’s Review on Ticketmaster

In a 5-star glowing review, one audience member brought his whole family to see the show. Among his praises were the excellent organization of the event, the friendly and helpful staff, and the “breathtaking” show with “lots of variety and action.” He ends his review recommending everyone purchase circus tickets online to see it too.

Purchase Circus Tickets Online | Royal Canadian Circus Spectac! 2019 | British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario

There’s little reason not to spice up you and your family’s holiday this year by purchasing circus tickets online for the Royal Canadian Circus’s upcoming shows. We’ve got showings in cities throughout British Columbia, Alberta, and Ontario.

See breathtaking performances from some of the industry’s most talented performers including Joseph Bauer the ringmaster, The Flying Cortes Family from South America, the TZ Aerialists, and the Xtreme Chinese Acrobats.

• Our audience members are quick to praise our show online. That’s why we were able to collect dozens of great reviews from across the Internet.
• Many viewers recall going to the circus as children and the Royal Canadian Circus reminding them of their first visit years back. Others simply praise the timeless and ageless acrobatics and performances.
• Purchase your circus tickets online on our website and add yourself to our ever-growing list of enthralled clients.

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