5 Reasons Why the Circus Provides the Best Fun Summer Entertainment

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With summer in full swing, families are looking for the best fun summer activities and entertainment. Whether you are traveling to a local pool, or hitting the golf course to work on your swing, there are always lots of fun summer activities to consider.

Regardless of your age, there is one thing that we can all remember, the first time we experienced the wonder and excitement of the circus. Here at the Royal Canadian Circus, we are passionate about the circus and we believe that every child should experience it at least once in their life. Here are five reasons why you should consider checking out the circus this summer.

1. Immense Skill

The various acrobats and gymnasts at the circus have been training for most of their lives. From the high-flying trapeze artists to the beautiful dancers, the circus is full of skill.

Your children will feel excited watching our skilled artists perform their trades and their hard work will inspire your children to reach for the stars. As a parent, what more could you ask for, than to see your children aspire to be the best that they can be?

2. Amazing Costumes

We all love Halloween as it is a holiday that is full of costumes. Another reason why the circus is considered such a great source of fun summer entertainment is the fact that it is full of interesting costumes. When you visit the circus, you can almost guarantee that you will see many clowns, decked out in hilarious attire, as well as our other artists dressed in exotic outfits.

The circus is all about artistic expression, and because it is rooted in such deep tradition, costumes are as much a part of the circus as the circus acts themselves.

3. Family Involvement

Have you ever been asked to volunteer in a big show? There is something special about being selected to take part in a segment of a major event. The feeling that the entire crowd is watching you, that the entire segment will revolve around your actions, is an amazing feeling and one that your children will remember forever.

Even in a smaller context, our circus clowns provide some of the best fun summer entertainment in the business and they are highly trained to interact with your children and to get them smiling.

4. Elephants!

This one goes without saying. Here in North America, elephants aren’t the most common animal around. There is nothing better than seeing a child’s wide-open stare as they see an elephant for their first time in person. The only way that you can easily capture that here in North America is by visiting the zoo or heading to the Royal Canadian Circus.

5. The Food

While we don’t support eating circus food every single day of your life, this action-packed fun summer entertainment comes with access to some of the tastiest food in the business. After all, who doesn’t love cotton candy, a fresh French fry, corndogs, and all the other delicious eats that you can only find at the circus.

Come Joins Us Today

With so much to do, we highly recommend that you schedule a trip to the circus as we truly believe it is one of the best sources of fun summer entertainment. If you haven’t had a chance to check it out so far this year, we will be performing several shows near Toronto in Etobicoke throughout early August.

As always, feel free to contact the Royal Canadian Circus if you have any questions and would like to check us out before the end of the summer.

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