Purchase Royal Canadian Circus Tickets Online to Experience a Live Show

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There is nothing like the feeling of experiencing a live circus performance under the traditional big top! Now, imagine for a moment a world where live circus performances no longer existed. Today, it’s almost as if to see a show of any kind some type of screen is required. The only way you could enjoy this experience would be to listen to stories from people who, in the past, have enjoyed a live circus show and all the sensory excitement and activity it provided them.
Is this the world we want to create for our children’s children?!

Don’t delay. Purchase your tickets online today and enjoy the traditional “big top” thrill of a lifetime.

Some Circuses are Closing but Royal Canadian Circus is Growing

Sadly, after 146 years the famed Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus is set to drop its big top forever this May and become a mere memory. To all of us this is a somber loss. The Ringling Bros. circus stood for many years of childhood excitement and positive family experience for many Americans. Our hearts and best wishes go out to all of the performers and circus staff. Maybe there’s an opportunity for some of these talented performers up here with us in Canada because the Royal Canadian Circus is actually growing!

The Circus has Something Special for Everyone

Rest assured that while other circuses in the world may be slowing down or closing, our big top is actually growing and expanding. It is our passion to do everything in our power to not ever deprive Canadian children and families of the exhilarating, live circus experience. We will continue to grow and travel throughout Canada each year, performing to the excellence of our abilities and bring enjoyment to every single face and heart seated under our big top. On our website we still offer the ease and speed for you to purchase circus tickets online and even the convenience of electronic ticket confirmation on your mobile device to present upon arrival. We are always wheelchair accessible and accommodating of large groups like big families and birthday parties. Our circus has something special to offer children of all ages and we are pleased to continue the tradition and expand the performance excitement.

Purchase Circus Tickets Online

We are committed to doing what we love to do most… perform for smiles and sheer delight. Nothing will impede our initiative to give back to the communities we perform in. We are also committed to keeping our ticket prices affordable. We have made every effort to continue this annual tradition. We understand that money cannot buy authentic happiness and joy. The smiles we perform for are priceless and remain our biggest motivator. There is no measuring the joy in children’s faces, how they light up and beam with anticipation, excitement and laughter. If you’re determined to provide all of the children in your family (including the child in you) with grand excitement that creates long lasting shared memories, get your circus tickets online today.

Delighting and Amazing Canadian Families in 2017

Not only is the Royal Canadian Circus growing, we are also pleased to announce that this year we will be bringing the Spectac! 2017 performance to select cities and towns in Saskatchewan and British Columbia for the first time! We’re very excited to perform in Surrey, Vancouver and Abbotsford in the month of May, and in Saskatoon, Moose Jaw and Regina June and July. We also have shows scheduled in Calgary, Edmonton, Medicine Hat and Fort McMurray to name a few. Visit our website for show dates and locations, and stay tuned for performance announcements as well as details for shows throughout Ontario. We’re on the edge of our seats in anticipation of delighting and amazing Canadian families in 2017 and we look forward to seeing all of your smiles beaming at us while we skillfully and passionately perform our talents for you.

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