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Royal Canadian family Circus

Thank-you circus fans for your patronage in 2017. We look forward to seeing you again in 2018, or if you were unable to attend this year because of sold out shows, please check back in February 2018, when tickets go on sale! 

The Royal Canadian family Circus Spectac! 2017 is coming to Western Canada late spring and early summer to amaze audiences with this time honoured family circus. For 50 years, the Royal Canadian family Circus has been providing fun activities and entertainment for kids… and for the entire family! Most adults still recall their first trip to the circus as a youngster; sharing this experience with sons and daughter of any age creates memories and traditions that will last a lifetime. Imagine sitting under the BIG TOP, popcorn in hand, as you are awed by the gravity defying performers of  the Royal Canadian  family Circus Spectac! 2017.



Everyone loves the circus. Kids are fascinated by the acrobats, clowns and pageantry. Parents, you’ll be a kid again, seeing the wonder of the circus through your son’s or daughter’s eyes. Grandparents, you’ll be brought back to your first visit to the circus all those years ago and feel connected to your grandkids by an exciting life experience shared with them.

Because of their uncompromising quest for excellence, you will be amazed by this year’s renowned Royal Canadian family Circus Spectac! 2017 We will take you into a world where you’ll see spectacular performances from around the globe. Hold on to your seats and experience a showcase of talent that you’ll never forget!

The annual Royal Canadian family Circus is one of the most important continuous fund-raising events coming to your community. Get ready for a unique, fun filled experience for the whole family and additional “Celebrating 150 Years Canada”.

Run Away to the Circus for one day & “Be Amazed” at Royal Canadian family Circus  Spectac! 2017

Tickets for the 2017 shows will be available for purchase as of late January. Fun, affordable family entertainment.

Don’t miss Royal Canadian family Circus Spectac! 2017


While the Royal Canadian Circus Spectac!™ 2017  features the renown Dominguez Dog Act as well as the Magnificent Liberty Horses, it has no exotic animals or endangered species. It is a family oriented, family priced acrobatic / thrill show showcasing a multicultural parade of circus families from around the world. Two years ago the Circus transitioned away from exotics to this new format; and ‎the public reception has been overwhelmingly positive. Please support the Royal Canadian Circus in our efforts to adapt to changing opinions, and keep the centuries old tradition of the family circus alive! 
Importantly, our 2016 post-show surveys indicated‎ that 94% of customers would continue to support the circus, even if there were no exotic animals. 

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