We Fight Against Animal Abuse with Care

We Fight Against Animal Abuse with Care

Animal abuse occurs in the circus industry. To ignore it would be ignorant, and this would only prolong the problem that defaces our industry. However, we, like all proud Canadians, must stand up and take a stand, as we have and will continue to do so. Therefore, Royal Canadian Circus fights against animal abuse in all forms.

Unfortunately, it is a plague of the circus industry that some circuses engage, or used to engage, in animal abuse. Those who commit such vile acts of cruelty believe that they can train animals quicker this way, or ensure a better performance. They may believe animals are a lower life form without a sense of consciousness or deep intellectual understanding of their surroundings. After all, the popular idiom “dumb as an ox” does not exist as a coincidence. These people, however, could not be more wrong.

As such, Royal Canadian Circus fights against animal cruelty because we know that animals are not only intelligent, but that they are understanding and aware. To harm them would be cruel. Human acrobats and circus performers should not be abused in order to learn a new repertoire of tricks or to create a new performing act, and neither should animals.

Happier Animals are Healthier Animals

Happier circus animals are healthier circus animals. They can perform more tricks for much longer. When they retire, they are sent to animal preserves and other forms of “animal retirement” to ensure their last days are their best ones. All of these kind actions stem from the understanding that a happier animal, just like a happier employee, is a better one to have around.

Happier animals do not attack their handlers or trainers. Happier animals do not lash out at all, and they have much lower stress and anxiety than animals that are abused. They learn tricks quicker and remember them for longer periods of time. More importantly, a well-treated circus animal listens better to their handlers and trainers. This is the most essential benefit to treating circus animals well.

What You Can Do to Help Our Fights Against Animal Cruelty

Royal Canadian Circus fights against animal abuse. It is a subject that we hold close to our heart because we know that this horrid practice still exists in our industry. While we do not abuse our animals (quite the opposite in fact!), we know how damaging this practice is to the very animals it happens to. An animal cannot confide in someone they respect for help. It is a silent and cruel treatment.

You see how animals react to their conditions and surrounding through their behavior, and it breaks our hearts when we hear of such abuses. Help us continue our fight. Every ticket we sell helps fund our initiative to treat circus animals with respect, and to ensure the practice does not exist in other circuses in our industry.

Royal Canadian Circus fights against animal cruelty, as everyone should. When we do not stand up for those that are silent, we fail them. Animal abuse is a serious matter and it must be addressed. Every ticket we sell helps us fund our initiatives against the practice of animal abuse. For more information on our circus, as well as our initiatives against animal abuse, please visit us at our website. Tickets to upcoming Royal Canadian Circus performances in Red Deer, Grande Prairie, Fort McMurray, Calgary, Ottawa, Camrose, Drumheller, Edmonton, and Cold Lake are available. Book your seats now before all our tickets are sold and take a stand for what is right.