The Royal Canadian Circus Fights Against Animal Cruelty

The Royal Canadian Circus Fights Against Animal Cruelty

Animal acts are a staple of the circus, and have been for thousands of years. While circuses are still very popular all around the world since our ancient beginnings, the treatment of animals has changed considerably for the better. Gladiators no longer fight tigers in the Roman Colosseum, and the abusive practices of animals in the eighteenth and nineteenth century are not only abolished, but are universally condemned by professional circuses.

However, many circuses like ours are closing their animal acts due to intense public pressure regarding the treatment and welfare of their circus animals. At the Royal Canadian Circus, we feel it is best to call attention to the issue of animal abuse and cruelty by treating our animals kindly and professionally, and we will therefore keep our animal acts as testament to this.

The Royal Canadian Circus has decided to lead by example, showing the world that our animals, just like our human performers, can entertain huge crowds without being abused. This is why we only hire the best employees to care for and instruct our animals. Our animal trainers, handlers, and veterinarians are all professionally trained and often develop loyal bonds to the animals they watch over and care for. The animals return this professional respect and loyalty due to their top-quality treatment.

We do not believe in harming animals to achieve more during performance, and never will. Instead, the health and safety of our animals are of the utmost importance to us. While we could push the limits of what our animals could do under the Big Top, we choose not to for their sake. Understanding their limitations, we only develop routines and tricks they can perform that are not hazardous to their health.

Our animals only perform natural movements and not expected, nor trained, to perform moves that are unnatural or detrimental to them, both in the short-term and long-term. As an business that consists of pet owners and animal lovers, we take it to heart to treat all our animals kindly and with the decency they deserve, as well as fight against animal abuse.

Just like your intense loyalty and friendship you feel towards your dog or cat, we truly believe in our elephants, horses, and other circus animals. More so, we treat them as members of our family at the Royal Canadian Circus because they are. When one of our animals is sick, we let them get better. When one of our animals is tired, we let them rest. When one of our animals cannot perform a trick, we do not force them to. We lead by example.

So, the next time you visit the circus, ask yourself if they fight against animal cruelty. Even more important, ask yourself exactly what they are doing about it. One thing is certain, however. When you purchase tickets to one of our shows, you are helping support us in our mission against animal abuse.

As you sit ringside under the Big Top, watching all our human and animal performances alike, you will have the time of your life, as you know that every performer is well cared for. It will be that much more magical and exhilarating, knowing that we are joined in fighting against this awful practice.

Since its inception, the Royal Canadian Circus is proud to assist in the fight against animal abuse and cruelty. We treat all our animals humanely and with loving care, while also understanding the limitations of their performance abilities. Animals are never forced to perform when they cannot, and all routines are created with their limitations in mind.

If you want to help and support our animal protection initiative, purchase a ticket and see the animals perform in top-standard conditions. The Royal Canadian Circus is an industry leader in this respect, and will be traveling and performing in Calgary, Fort McMurray, Red Deer, Grande Prairie, Camrose, Drumheller and Ottawa. For more information, please visit our website.