The Most Effective Way to Fight Animal Abuse in the Circus

The Most Effective Way to Fight Animal Abuse in the Circus

The use of animals and performance of animal acts in the circus has a dark history. There is no denying it. However, most other circuses are, in our opinion, taking the wrong course of action by stopping their animal acts. In a way, by not acknowledging the inclusion of animal acts, they are implicitly denying the history of animal abuse that once dogged circuses like Barnum and Bailey’s.

The Royal Canadian Circus fights against animal abuse by ensuring it will not exist on our premises or in our organization. This is the best way to counter it and establish a precedent in our industry, and any industry that employs animals and animal trainers, that animal abuse will not be tolerated. We stand 100% behind our decision to continue our animal acts as a result, and hope that you do as well, by supporting our fight.

Animals bring a sort of magic to the circus that cannot be replaced by other types of performances. Watching these majestic, exotic creatures perform amazing tricks night after night is awe-inspiring and remarkable. Our animals do not perform tricks that pose any danger to them or others, and their health is our top priority. We treat all our performers like part of a big family, because they are.

Whether training or putting on a show for guests, animal safety is one of our top priorities. If they need to eat, we provide them with ample food. If they need to drink, we fill their water containers to the brim. If they require medical attention for any sort of malady, from a simple cold to age-induced injuries, we take them to medical specialists to ensure they are comfortable and in the best of health that they can reasonably acquire. Our animal performers are not just a part of our circus. They are a part of our lives, and our family, here at Royal Canadian Circus.

In addition, Royal Canadian Circus has partnered with the Two Tails Ranch & Elephant Care Facility, a private elephant preserve located in Williston, Florida. Not only fighting against animal abuse, Royal Canadian Circus strives everyday to lead by example. Instead of ending our animal acts, we have chosen to show the world what proper care and love can do for animals. We not only fight against animal abuse, we condemn it in all forms.

This decision of ours may not grab headlines like more drastic actions by other circuses do, but we feel that this is the right decision to make. If we were to stop our animal acts, not only would we be silent against the unfair and unlawful treatment of animals but many performers, animal and human, would be out of a job. By not speaking out, we would be part of the problem, not the solution. We refuse to ignore this problem in our industry and therefore take steps to lead by example!

Our animals would most likely be admitted into zoos and animal preserves, and our trainers and some performers would either be re-trained or unfortunately, unemployed. The circus is a family and we take care of our own, no matter the species. This is why we continue to fight against animal abuse.

Leading by example is the best way to take the lead and protest an action, while providing an alternative solution to the problem. Problems and solutions are not binary, as there is always more than one answer to any problem. Continuing our animal acts and caring for our animal performers is the most humane and caring action one can take on this issue.

We at the Royal Canadian Circus take great effort and care to ensure all our animals are treated with decency and humanity, and that our animal performances do not endanger our animals. If you want to support our fight against animal abuse, help out by purchasing tickets to our show and showing your support. Royal Canadian Circus is coming to your Alberta region soon, with stops in Red Deer, Grande Prairie, Fort McMurray, Calgary, Ottawa, Camrose, Drumheller, Edmonton, and Cold Lake. Visit our website for more information on how you can join the fight, today!