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The safety of our fans, performers and the community at large is of paramount importance. Government mandated restrictions on social distancing are necessary and we trust you will agree that we are doing the responsible thing! Accordingly we are currently rescheduling the circus to 2021. These are tough times for all of us, and our circus performers ‎feel the pain as well. We expect to have our tentative 2021 schedule in place in April; it will mirror the 2020 schedule.

Important update regarding Royal Canadian International Circus’ response to the COVID-19 pandemic

About Us

Check out our video and see for yourselves the magical experience that the Royal Canadian International Circus provides to adults and children of all ages. There really is no better way to experience a family activity than under the Big Top!

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Exclusive Seating

We offer a variety of seating for all of our shows. When purchasing your tickets online you will be able to choose from General Admission seats along with Premium VIP seats and Exclusive Plush Ringside Seats. Click below to buy your tickets online!

Ringmaster Royal Canadian International Circus - Fun Summer Family Activity

Virtual Tour & Gallery

Check out our virtual tour video & image gallery which provides you with a sneak peak of what the circus looks like inside the Big Top! See the inside from all angles and feel like you’re there!

The all new Royal International Family Circus Spectac!® 2020

The all new Royal Canadian International Circus 2020 will be touring in Canada and the USA for 108 spectacular shows from May to August , 2020 in British Columbia, Alberta, Minnesota, USA and Ontario… & will mesmerize, astound, thrill, and captivate audiences beyond the extraordinary.

“It’s an incredible showcase of elite circus artists from all around the world that has been designed for multi-generational families,” says Ringmaster Joseph Bauer. “It’s the essence of a traditional circus; this year our visitors will be fascinated by the amazing new global cast of performers coming to perform for families.” Joseph is not only one of the finest Ringmasters on the continent, but is also a 9th generation daredevil performer.

Royal Canadian International Circus 2020 is about giving children and adults alike a glimpse into a traditional world where “10th generation circus families are performing for your families”, and where everyone can enjoy a truly affordable show together regardless of age. Because of the uncompromising quest for excellence, you’ll be amazed by this year’s all new Royal Canadian International Circus 2020.

Take the family and run away to the Circus for one day to the
Royal Canadian International Circus 2020.


The Royal Canadian International Circus 2020 has no exotic animals or endangered species. It is a family oriented, family priced acrobatic / thrill show showcasing a multicultural parade of circus families from around the world. Three years ago the Circus transitioned away from exotics to this new format; and ‎the public reception has been overwhelmingly positive. Please support the Royal Canadian Circus in our efforts to adapt to changing opinions, and keep the centuries old tradition of the family circus alive!

Importantly, our 2016 post-show surveys indicated‎ that 94% of customers would continue to support the circus, even if there were no exotic animals.