Come and Enjoy Our Circus; We Put Animal Welfare First

Come and Enjoy Our Circus; We Put Animal Welfare First

Everyone loves to go to the circus. From the smell of popcorn to the excitement of sitting under the big top awaiting act after act of skill and talent that will amaze the entire family, these experiences make up valuable memories for children. Many families make attending the circus a family tradition that is passed down to younger generations for everyone to enjoy.

The Royal Canadian Circus is a renowned circus, performing under the European style big top, providing pure entertainment for the entire family! From the clowns and comedy acts to the majestic equestrian acts and the big cats, there is something for everyone in our shows. The display of talent and skill of our performers will amaze you!

At the Royal Canadian Circus, we love our animals and have zero tolerance when it comes to animal abuse and cruelty. They are a large part of our show and are treated with kindness, respect and dignity. Our animal handlers use humane methods of training and focus on positive reinforcement during practice and performances, regularly speaking out against animal abuse and cruelty. After attending a performance, people are amazed at the beauty and magnificence of the big cats, elephants and horses. The trainers treat the animals like family – not only have they invested time, energy and money, but the emotional investment and connection is the strongest bond of all. At the Royal Canadian Circus, our values and commitment to professionalism and excellence when it comes to the well-being of our animals is a priority for us. Our family has devoted 251 years to working with and training animals. We are proud of our circus families and the extraordinary care and attention our animals receive, and our travel schedule is centered on our animals’ needs.

Come see for yourself the thrilling Royal Canadian Circus, featuring the largest cat act in the world with Tigers, performing Elephants, Equestrian Horses, amazing Trapeze artistry, Comedy, Clowns and high flying Acrobatics. You will not be disappointed with the spectacular array of talent and skill that makes up our 2014 shows. The beauty and skill of the animals and performers speaks for itself – and the bond between the trainers and animals is obvious.

Join us as we celebrate 251 years of amazing circus performances with our 2014 lineup of shows in Red Deer and Calgary, Alberta. Visit our website at to purchase your online circus tickets.