A Shining Example of Humane Animal Treatment

A Shining Example of Humane Animal Treatment

Animal acts are as iconic as the circus itself. When most people think of the circus, they think of Siegfried and Roy, elephants doing tricks, and other animals like lions, tigers, and bears performing select tricks from a vast repertoire. Without animals, the circus would be a fundamentally different experience and, while it would still be fun, it would not feel complete. However, while animal abuse was historically a part of circus life, we at the Royal Canadian Circus stand against it, and fight against animal cruelty in all its forms.

The Royal Canadian Circus takes this to heart, and our animal acts are some of our most iconic performances. This is because we also treat our animals with love, respect, and kindness, because we feel it is the right thing to do. Animals, like humans, deserve to be treated well. This is the secret to a great performance, and a lifelong friend.

Royal Canadian Circus fights against animal abuse by leading by example, and showing its many spectators and fans across Canada that animals do not need to be abused to give a great performance. No animals in the Royal Canadian Circus are abused because, not only is it morally and ethically wrong, but it sends the wrong message to the fans, that pets are not deserving of love and respect. It is never ok to harm an animal, whether physically, mentally, or emotionally, for any reason.

We Fight Against Animal Abuse with Respect

At Royal Canadian Circus, we think of our circus animals as part of our family. They train, live, and perform with us and it would be reprehensible if we were to demean and hurt them, due to a mistaken and out-dated notion that physical discipline is necessary for a performance. It is not. As such, we show the fans, every performance, that the best performers are those that are treated with respect and care, whether human or animal.

Our trained and professional staff, especially those that care for, or interact with, our animals, share our vision for an inclusive and warm relationship between all performers and staff. Our professional animal handlers and trainers love working with animals and it shows.

Each performance is unique and special and always done to ensure our animals are injured. When our elephants, for instance, become too old to perform, we send them to the Two Tails Ranch and Elephant Care Facility in Florida, where they can live out their days in peace and tranquility with other animals. Their care is our top priority.

Royal Canadian Circus fights against animal cruelty by ensuring it never happens in our premises or performances. Come and visit us to see just how beautiful a performance can be, whether the elephants are doing tricks under the Big Top, or our horses are gallivanting around the stage with our expert horse riders, who do tricks on their backs while in motion. You will be amazed at the experience and, if you are like most fans, you will want to come back for repeat performances.

Help the fight against animal cruelty by purchasing a ticket, and seeing the possibilities that humanely trained performing animals have to offer.

Royal Canadian Circus fights against animal abuse and hope that you will do the same as well. Treating your pets with respect and love is the first step to creating a caring world for future generations. We will be touring in Alberta from May 4th to August 14th this Spring, in the following cities: Red Deer, Fort McMurray, Calgary, Edmonton, Cold Lake, Camrose, Grande Prairie, and Drumheller. We also have special performances in Ottawa. If you would like to purchase tickets, or learn more about our efforts in the fight against animal cruelty, please visit our website.