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Mark your Calendars: The Royal Canadian International Circus’ Big Top Is Going Up In New Jersey and Georgia!

The Royal Canadian International Circus has been bringing its circus magic to the USA and Canada over the last 5 months, and their next stops are East Rutherford, New Jersey and Columbus, Georgia! Read on as we pull back the curtains and reveal all about who we are and what sensational acts we have in store for you.

The Big Top

Our Big Top and Circus History

The Royal Canadian Circus is a long-standing and well-known circus organization. We put on shows that mix old-fashioned and modern performances, making it a fun event for both families and individuals. With a rich history, the circus features amazing acrobats, brave aerial performers, and many more acts under our  iconic red and yellow big tent. 

The Royal Canadian Circus stems from the Zerbini Family Circus, representing over 250 years of circus history. The Zerbini family, originally from France, and its famous big top circus have traveled the world sharing their talents with circus audiences on three continents since 1763!

Going to the Royal Canadian Circus is a real chance to experience a live entertainment tradition that has been around for centuries!

The Tour

Our 2023 tour is putting on 198 spectacular shows across Canada and the USA. Our talented performers have captivated audiences across the continent, from the stunning landscapes of western Canada to the vibrant cities of the east. Every show has been a magical experience for families, friends, and thrill-seekers of all ages.

Where has the Big Top been already?

  • Minneapolis, Minnesota: April 13th – April 23rd 
  • Surrey, BC: May 4th – May 7th 
  • Vancouver, BC: May 11th – May 14th 
  • Richmond, BC: May 18th – May 22nd 
  • Calgary, AB: May 26th – June 4th 
  • Edmonton, AB: June 8th – June 18th 
  • Etobicoke, ON: June 29th – July 2nd 
  • Brampton, ON: July 6th – July 9th 
  • Pickering, ON: July 13th – July 16th 
  • Scarborough, ON: July 20th – July 30th 
  • Mississauga, ON: August 3rd – August 20th 
  • Burlington, ON: August 24th – August 27th

The Big Top will be popping up next at the American Dream Mall in New Jersey from September 14th until the 23rd.  We’ll then be going south and making our grand appearance at the Peachtree Mall in Georgia! 

Mark your calendars for the ultimate spectacle of lights, laughter, and wonder. Be sure not to miss out, as these are the final stops on our 2023 tour!

A Glimpse Into This Year’s Acts

From contortionists and aerial performers to crossbow acts and magic shows, the Royal Canadian Circus has got it all! Our circus is filled with incredible acts that will leave you amazed. Each performer hails from multi-generational circus families and is a true master of their skills. They all come together to create an epic show your family will not soon forget.

High wire act

See here the Globe of Death led by Hugo Fernandez. You will be on the edge of your seat while they throttle their motorbikes around the inside of a heavy steel cage, performing stunts while riding up to 50mph! 

globe of death

Something totally different but equally memerizing, the TZ Ladies of the Air from Mexico, Peru, United States, Argentina, and Canada. These women will amaze you with their elegance and beauty as they dance and perform aerialist acts high above the circus ring.

Fantastic Five Guerrero High Wire Troupe

Featured on Germany’s version of America’s Got Talent and hailed as the only high-wire act of its kind in North America, the Fantastic Five Guerrero High Wire Troupe are one of this year’s headliners. Stare in awe as they execute dynamic acrobatic maneuvers 25 feet in the air. These daring performers navigate bicycles across the high wire, plus leap, skip, jump 3- wide over each other and dance!

If you want to get an even bigger sneak peek at the performers who make it all happen, check out our performers’ page.

Showdates & Showtimes

So, now you’re probably wondering; “When can I go?” We got you covered below!


And what about seating? There are different tickets available! Do you want that up close and personal experience? See the exciting action RIGHT UP FRONT by upgrading to exclusive VIP seating OR, PLUSH RINGSIDE SEATING!! There are no assigned seats, so first come – first serve.

Ticket Types

Buy Your Circus Tickets

Purchasing your tickets to the Royal Canadian International Circus is easy! You can either purchase them via the links below, or for those visiting the American Dream Mall or the Peachtree Mall, you can secure tickets in person at their Guest Services desk. 

Additionally, tickets can also be acquired on-site (at the Big Top box office), which is open on all show days from 10:00 am till 08:00 pm. Be aware that on-site ticket purchases are Cash Only and ticket prices may be higher than online. We highly recommend buying in advance to take advantage of early bird pricing!

No matter your preferred method, securing your spot at this extraordinary event is just a few clicks or a visit away. Get ready because the Royal Canadian Circus is taking you on an incredible journey of magic!

Purchase Canadian Circus Tickets Here

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Purchase Georgia Circus Tickets Here

Additional Details

The Royal Canadian International Circus promises a delightful outing for individuals of all ages. From the youngest members of the family to the young-at-heart, we guarantee an unforgettable experience. 

To accommodate larger groups, please direct inquiries to cathys@festivalxpress.com. As part of our commitment to family enjoyment, children under 3 are given free admission as long as they do not require a separate seat. With a total duration of 2.5 hours, including a 30-minute intermission, the Royal Canadian International Circus invites you to run away with the circus!

For more information, see our FAQ.

March 24, 2024
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