Royal Canadian Circus Tickets Sold Online | Calgary Shows May 27 – June 5

The Royal Canadian International Circus is back in 2022 with Shows in Calgary from May 27 – June 5 

The Royal Canadian International Circus (RCIC) is back in Calgary, AB in 2022 for an all-new spectacular show. The Calgary shows run from May 27 to June 5 at the Crossiron Mills.

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This year’s show will be completely different from any other. You will be amazed by the beauty and the talent of our performers, many of whom are 7 and 8th generation circus performers. Each act promises to leave you in awe and draw you closer and closer to a standing ovation.

Our circus does not feature any animals (including exotic ones) in our acts. Instead, it will feature high-flying acrobatics, death-defying tricks, clowning and towering feats of strength, teetering towers of balanced bodies, extreme bending and devilishly precarious aerials. We moved to this new format over 5 years ago and have received over 90% positive reviews from our customers.

Our Talented Performers

Our talented performers are ready for you. Every single one of them is professionally trained and has an impeccable resume with years (and sometimes decades) of experience under their belt.

Below is a list of the many performers that will be sharing their talents with you at the 2022 show:

  • Joseph Dominik Bauer (Our Ringmaster)– a 9th generation pedigree of circus performers with over 40 years of experience in the circus world. His numerous Daredevil feats include performances on the 50’ Wheel of Destiny, High Wire, Skywalks and the Incline Motorcycles.


  • Claudia Alvarado Bauer – A spectacular aerialist and flying trapeze performer, whose family goes back 3 generations in the circus world. Her outstanding talents, athletic prowess and beauty will amaze you and leave you in complete awe.


  • Gimmi Fornaciari – One of the only performers who can sing Tenor while executing acrobatic hand balancing maneuvers high in the air. His acts are one-of-a-kind in the circus world and are must-see.


  • TZ Aerialists – Known as the Ladies of the Air, these gorgeous and talented performers represent the multi-cultural talent of the RCIC. They will mesmerize and astound you as they flow effortlessly through the air, high above the circus ring.


  • The Dominguez Brothers – Huber, Jose and Diego, 8th generation pedigree of circus performers, have been featured in every major circus in the world, won International Circus awards, and have been appeared on National Television many times. Expect to sit at the edge of your seats with amazement during their must-see high wire act.


  • Nathan Valencia –Valencia’s chair balancing act is a hoot. The precision, strength, and perfection of his act will amaze and astound you. So much so that it will be hard to imagine how it is done. But it can be done and only here at RCIC for you to see.


  • The Valencia Gauchos – The Valencia Gauchos dance with boleadoras ancient weapons, that spin at an incredible 90mph, and perform routines to the feverish rhythms of bombos (drums). The audience will be pushed into the Argentinian culture as the famous Valencia Gauchos implement their performance fast and frantically with whips, capes, stomping with their feet. And, there is some good opportunities for laughter and comedy!

Click here for a full list of performers at our 2022 show.

Click here to take a virtual tour of the Big Red Top.

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