The safety of our fans, performers and the community at large is of paramount importance.Government mandated restrictions on social distancing are necessary and we trust you will agree that we are doing the responsible thing! Accordingly we are currently rescheduling the circus to 2022. These are tough times for all of us, and our circus performers feel the pain as well. We expect to have our tentative 2022 schedule in place in January of 2022; it will mirror the postponed 2021 schedule. The revised schedule will be regularly updated on the Royal Canadian International Circus website and our social media channels.

Should you already have tickets purchased online for the 2020 Royal Canadian International Circus, you will be entitled to upgrade to VIP or Ringside Seating at any show in 2022. Upgrade level will depend on the type of ticket you purchased in 2020. Just advise us at the link below, and we will put you on the upgrade list for 2022.

We want to thank our fans for their continued loyalty. We have done our utmost to meet your expectations and we thank you for your understanding.

For more information contact our Customer Service at link below:

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