What to Expect When You Choose Fun Summer Family Entertainment with the Royal Canadian International Circus

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Have you been looking for some family-friendly activities to enjoy this summer? There’s nothing the kids would love better than a visit to the Royal Canadian International Circus (RCIC), some of the best fun summer family entertainment you’ll find this season.
Perhaps it’s your first time going, and you want some information to help you get the most out of your experience. Here are a few common questions people ask when they visit the RCIC.

Is Parking Available?

Parking availability depends largely on the city the show currently resides in. We serve world-class performances in several cities throughout Canada, the US, and other regions. Consult our aerial parking maps on our website.

What Performers Will I See?

Our Ringmaster Joseph Dominic Bauer will direct the show and introduce you to our many talented performers, including:
• The Dominguez Brothers, whose High Wire act will leave you on the edge of your seat.
• The Xtreme Chinese Acrobats, a symbol of Chinese circus history.
• The Sky Riders, coming straight from South America and Columbia.
• The TZ Aerialists, whose circus ring act is one you will not want to miss.
• The DC Riders Motorcycle Globe, an incredible death-defying feat.
See these performers and many others by visiting us this summer. It’s the perfect fun summer family entertainment.

What’s the Itinerary?

Gates open half an hour prior to starting. The full show length is about 2.5 hours plus an intermission. Keep in mind that video cameras and outside food/beverages are not allowed inside.

Should I Purchase Tickets Online?

While you can certainly purchase tickets when you arrive at the Big Top box office up to 2 hours prior to the show, keep in mind that you may see a higher price since fewer tickets would be available at that time.
We highly recommend purchasing online to skip the lineup. You and your family can enter the tent immediately when you arrive this way. And why risk missing out in case the show sells out?

Is the Show Wheelchair Accessible?

Yes, it is. Please arrive 45 minutes early and report to the front entrance. You will be considered a General Admission-type seating. We are proud to help disabled individuals enjoy the show.

Can I Donate Tickets to Children in Need?

Absolutely! We work with Kids Up Front to distribute circus experiences free of charge to children across Alberta and Ontario. Check our site for even more charities that we work with.
The Royal Canadian International Circus is proud to support the community that has enjoyed this timeless classic, the circus. Let’s make sure everybody has access to this fun summer family entertainment.

Fun Summer Family Entertainment | Royal Canadian International Circus | Minneapolis, Minnesota

Experience the sights and sounds of the performances that took generations to develop and perfect. Circuses have been a cornerstone of cultures all around the world from Europe to Asia. Get your fix this summer with this fun summer family entertainment you won’t find anywhere else!

Pick up your tickets online today for our shows in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Be on the lookout for more shows in other regions as well!

• The Royal Canadian Circus is beginning to expand beyond Canada to bring the joys of the circus to everybody around the world. Our next shows are coming to Minneapolis, Minnesota, so don’t miss out!
• You’ll see many different performers at the show. Consult our website for information on parking availability, ticket sales, schedules, and other topics.
• Check the RCIC website to check showtimes and purchase tickets online. Get your seats before they’re gone!

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