The World’s Most Memorable Circuses: Fun Summer Family Activities Everywhere

We love live performances and events because we love it when others enjoy our activities just as much as we do. Circuses are no exception. Did you know that audiences all around the world have enjoyed circus acts for decades?

In fact, some of the most significant circus buildings in the world aren’t even in North America necessarily. It seems that the circus is a fun summer family activity that everyone can’t wait to see. That’s why there are locations throughout Russia, France, Germany, Hungary, and many other nations.

Let’s take a look at some of the biggest circuses out there and why you should visit a performance yourself one day in the United States or Canada. You might even be inspired to donate some tickets from our show to children in need through our charities.

The Circus Krone in Germany

This Munich-based headquarters serves as the main venue for various live entertainment events, such as concerts. Most notably, it’s a permanent place for clown shows in Germany, having been built in 1919.

Many artists have hosted events in the building as well, including The Beatles, KISS, Santana, Frank Zappa, and AC/DC. Consider visiting this historic site if you ever vacation in Germany.

Cirque D’Hiver in France

Based in Paris, this French name translates to “Winter Circus.” From musical concerts to fashion shows to Turkish wrestling exhibitions, this prominent place has seen a rich history since its introduction in 1852 by Emperor Napoleon III.

The structure consists of 20 sides with Corinthian columns at each of the angles, resulting in an oval-like shape. The designer was Jacques Ignace Hittorff, and the sculptor was James Pradier.

The location has been the subject of Carol Reed’s 1956 film Trapeze, as well as a poem entitled “Cirque D’Hiver” by Elizabeth Bishop. It’s another instance of a circus becoming a cultural icon for its nation.

Nikulin’s Circus in Russia

Also known as the Moscow Circus on Tsvetnoi Boulevard, this location is the only circus in the entire city for the majority of the 1900s. It still remains the most popular fun summer family activity there too.

The building initially opened as the Solomonsky Circus in 1880. Some famous performers from this circus include Karandash, Oleg Popov, and Yuri Nikulin. It has received the Order of Lenin award in 1939.

Capital Circus of Budapest in Hungary

The Capital Circus is the only stone circus in Central Europe. Opening in 1971, it seats 1450 audience members. Expect clowns and artistic performances when you visit.

The building also serves fashion shows, sporting events, music concerts, opera, and theater plays. Drop by the thermal baths, amusement park, and Budapest zoo while you’re nearby.

As of 1996, the International Circus Festival of Budapest occurs every two years. Events happen regardless of the weather since it’s a stone circus.

Fun Summer Family Activities | Royal Canadian International Circus | BC, Alberta, Ontario

Sound fun? Luckily for you, you don’t have to move far away to experience the magic of the circus yourself. The Royal Canadian International Circus is opening in locations all across North America, including BC, Alberta, Ontario, and many other regions.

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  • Regions all across the world love visiting the circus.
  • Every circus tells its own story and comes from the culture that surrounds it.
  • For North America’s share of fun summer family activity, visit the Royal Canadian International Circus this holiday.
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