3 Charities You Support When You Purchase Circus Tickets Online

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Charity might not be the first thing on your mind when you’re looking to purchase circus tickets online. A trip to the circus is a time for fun, entertainment, and amazement. You probably aren’t thinking about giving back to the community when you’re making plans for an exciting day at the circus.

That’s where RCIC comes in. We give a significant portion of our takings to various charities across Canada. When you purchase circus tickets online, you can rest assured knowing you’re giving back to the community.

We’re proud to support important Canadian causes by giving back to nonprofits. With your help, we can continue to give back to Canadians who need it. At RCIC, as Canadians we believe we need to take care of all of our children. That’s why we invest in charities that focus on children in particular. Here are some of the charities that the Royal Canadian International Circus has supported in the past.

1. The Lions Club: Medicine for Kids

In 2020, we are adding support to the Calgary Lions Club, a sponsor for various programs that provide services to children. By purchasing circus tickets online, you are helping children and their families receive the specialized medical treatment they need.

Not only does the Lions Club sponsor programs that offer children modern medicine, these programs also cover the relevant transportation. Your purchase of circus tickets online allows families to rest easy, knowing they won’t be hit with unexpected bills for ambulance transport.

2. Kids Up Front: Bringing Joy into the Lives of Kids Who Need It

The RCIC has a proud history of sponsoring Kids Up Front, an initiative started to allow less fortunate children an opportunity to enjoy the experiences that all kids should be able to. RCIC’s organizers have donated over 200,000 tickets to Kids Up Front in the past few years.

If you purchase circus tickets online and then need to cancel them, chances are they end up going to Kids Up Front. At RCIC, we reserve a section of empty seats for low-income children who wouldn’t be able to afford the circus experience otherwise.

3. The Children’s Aid Society of Toronto: Help When Needed for Kids

The RCIC also sponsors the Children’s Aid Society of Toronto using proceeds generated from your purchase of circus tickets online. This charity does important work: it provides much-needed services in cases of child abuse and neglect.

The Children’s Aid Society covers all aspects of child welfare, and we are proud to support them using a generous portion of our proceeds.

Purchase Circus Tickets Online | Royal Canadian International Circus | B.C, Alberta, Ontario

 If you’re looking for an experience of a lifetime, while also giving back to the community by purchasing circus tickets online, the Royal Canadian International Circus is the way to go. We’ve been providing entertainment and amazement to families all across Ontario and Canada for over half a century. This year, we are finally making the jump to becoming an international circus that all Canadians can be proud of.

Our performers are talented, our tickets are affordable, and we follow a very strict code of ethics: that’s why we don’t employ exotic animal performers, and give generously to many Canadian charities.

  • Purchasing circus tickets online is the most convenient way to plan your circus trip.
  • Part of the proceeds from your purchase with RCIC goes to various Canadian charities.
  • If you’re looking to book tickets, or want to find out more about RCIC, contact us to learn more today.

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