5 Fun Summer Family Activities You Won’t Want to Miss at the Circus

Circus acts have developed quite a bit over the last few decades. The once simple show that defined a circus has been expanded over the years, and now the circus is the place to go if you’re looking for a wide variety of fun family activities to occupy a day or two.
Like they have been for centuries, circus acts have been about the performers wowing the audience. There’s no fun family activity that is as exciting as a trip to the circus. As entertainment has evolved, the standards for circus acts have kept pace with other entertainment. Just like the special effects in movies nowadays are far more realistic, circus acts have become more exciting, amazing, and entertaining.
So, what kind of fun family activities can you expect to find at your local circus? Here are seven classic circus acts that we have featured in past shows at the Royal Canadian International Circus. Our updated lineup for the 2020 season is coming out in the next few days so, stay tuned.

1. A Twisted Show: Contortionists

Contortionists are circus performers that are able to twist their bodies into unbelievable shapes. A contortionist can provide a show that is exciting and entertaining for any, making watching a contortion show a perfect fun summer family activity.

2. The Breathtaking Highwire

Highwire acts have been a staple of circuses for centuries, and is something audiences loved about our shows in past years. Audiences are always on the edge of their seats as they watch the performers seemingly defy gravity itself.

3. Take a Break with a Comedy Act

It wouldn’t be a circus without a little bit of humor. Audiences love relaxing with a low-stakes fun family activity like a comedy show. The classic image of clowns may not be particularly funny, but like all circus acts, clowns have evolved with the times. Modern-day clowns often don’t wear makeup and are professional comedians who will get a laugh out of any audience.

4. The Exotic Chinese Pole

The Chinese pole is an act that involves a vertical steel pole. Performers will climb, balance on top of, slide down, and contort around the pole. This traditional act is both amazing and amusing to any viewer, so it makes for the perfect fun family activity at any circus its featured in.

5. Watch an Antipodist Think on Their Feet

Watching a talented juggler handle six or more objects at a time is entertaining enough, but you might get bored of their handiwork after a while. That’s no problem for an antipodist, who can simply switch to using their feet! This advanced circus act is sure to amaze anyone who sees it for the first time, and we highly recommend you experience it at least once.

Fun Summer Family Entertainment| Royal Canadian International Circus | BC, Alberta, Ontario

If you’re looking for a circus this summer, look no further than the Royal Canadian International Circus. We’ve been providing Ontario, Alberta, and BC with fun summer family activities for over half a century.

With fresh new performances every year, as well as familiar, well-loved classics, the RCIC show is one you can keep coming back to. If you’re looking to book a ticket, or find out more about our acts, please feel free to contact us today.
● The circus provides a large variety of fun summer family activities for you and your family to enjoy.
● Whether you’re looking for good food, good entertainment, or just an overall festive environment, you won’t find better than a circus.
● The Royal Canadian International Circus has the talented performers and decades of experience needed to provide you with an family outing you’ll never forget.

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