The Royal Canadian international Circus is Bringing Fun Family Activities and Shows to Minneapolis For the First Time!

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2020 is an exciting year for the Royal Canadian International Circus (RCIC)! We’re bringing fun summer family activities and shows south of the Canadian border for the first time. With an exciting season ahead of us, we’re excited to tell you all about three of the acts that thrilled audiences under the big top last year. While we are finalizing our lineup of performers and acts for the 2020 season, these will give you a good idea of what to expect and look forward to.

Whether you’ve never been to a circus before or are a seasonal enthusiast, a good circus is an experience of a lifetime. Every circus is a unique experience, with its own original performances. If you’re new to circuses, we highly recommend you try out this traditional form of fun summer family activity.

RCIC is coming to Minneapolis, Minnesota and we’re bringing a fresh new list of acts for your enjoyment. Sit down, grab some popcorn, relax, and enjoy the finest family entertainment and spectacular performances ever seen! Here are three of our acts from last year that were crowd favourites:

1. The Flying Cortes Family Defied Gravity Before Everyone’s Eyes

Our talented troupe of acrobats, the Flying Cortes Family has performed in many famous circuses all over the world. Led by the father, Robinson Cortes, this family of acrobats has proven itself time and time again to be a spectacle worth seeing. Everyone was amazed as they performed feats of acrobatics; including double, triple, and quadruple flips through the air.

2. The XTreme Chinese Acrobats Featured an Exotic Performance

When it comes to acrobatics, the West isn’t the only region that can pull it off. Our troupe of 8 Chinese acrobats, 6 women and two men, provided our audiences with awesomely choreographed performances. With acts such as Chinese vase juggling, slackwire, and Diablo, the fun never ends when you’re watching these performers.
The XTreme Chinese Acrobats also performed a contortionist act that shocked and amazed our audiences. With superb choreography and timing, this was the ultimate performance which clearly provided a fun summer family activity for all ages.

3. Audiences were Amazed by the Aristov Juggling Duo

Igor and Tatiana Aristov, the world-class jugglers, have impressed audiences around the world with their seemingly inhuman precision. Their performance is an act which is conducted with precise synchronicity providing a feast for the eyes.
Juggling might seem like a simple trick, but the Aristovs have extended it into a spectacle that makes for a fun summer family activity by adding all kinds of other eye-defying tricks. This act is truly a combination of skills, and we guarantee it won’t be forgotten anytime soon.

Fun Summer Family Activities | Royal Canadian International Circus | Minneapolis, Minnesota

For the first time, the Royal Canadian Circus has gone international. Now the Royal Canadian International Circus (RCIC) is moving into Minneapolis, USA. We’ve spent over 50 years touring Canada with performances that are a delight for all.

Now, our goal is to provide our Minneapolis audiences with traditional fun summer family activities, with a Canadian twist. Our 9th generation ringmaster, Joseph Dominik Bauer, stands as a testament to our long track record as a traditional, family-owned circus. We have the know-how and performers needed to give you a show you’ll never forget. If you want to find out more about our acts in 2020, or are interested in booking tickets, please visit our website today.

● RCIC is finally making the move to the United States, bringing with us new acts to amaze our audiences.
● We’ve built our brand around providing fun summer family activities that anyone can enjoy. All of our acts are fun for the whole family!
● If you’re looking for comedy, acrobatics, or amazing skill, you’ll find it with the Royal Canadian International Circus.

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