Timelessness of the Circus: Why This Fun Summer Family Entertainment Has Aged So Well

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Many forms of entertainment are being phased out by newer inventions. Many families are choosing to cut cable TV in favor of online streaming, and more bookworms are opting for eBook readers. But the circus has maintained its place as a popular form of fun summer family entertainment. The performers set the stage, the ringleader controls the tempo like a conductor, and the audience breathes life into the performances.

No matter the age, everyone in your family can enjoy the circus. Watch the extent of human dexterity manifest itself through the impeccable balance of the tightrope walker, the strength of the dancers, and the enchanting display of the magicians. No one can chalk it up to movie magic if he can see it with his own eyes.

The Origins of Circus

The Ancient Roman circus is actually what we now consider as a racetrack, intended to exhibit horse and chariot races as well as gladiatorial combat with trained animals.

To find the first real circus, we only have to go back to the 1700s. English cavalry major and showman Philip Astley began his circus in London to show off his equestrian skills. Later, he added ropedancers, jugglers, and acrobatics.

Soon after, circuses began coming up in regions across the world, including Russia, China, and North America, with new additions being added every few years and the focus changing away from equestrian sports to mostly human performances. The modern circus had arrived, a form of fun summer family entertainment enjoyed by the world over.

Not All Circuses Travel

The “traveling circus” has become a movie trope, but some circuses are so well-established in their respective communities that they have a permanent location, with families flocking from all over to see the show. Some notable ones include:

• Moscow Circus on Tsvetnoy Boulevard
• Budapest Circus
• Cirque d’hiver in Paris
• Shanghai Circus World
• Circus Krone Building in Munich

Fun Summer Family Entertainment | Royal Canadian Circus | British Columbia, Richmond, Surrey, Tsawwassen

The circus is a staple of Canadian culture, so why not surprise your family with a trip to this timeless form of fun summer family entertainment? The Royal Canadian Circus invites you to see this timeless cultural experience with a circus show bound to mesmerize every member of the family young and old.

RCC brings the traditional circus to the modern day with exceptionally talented acrobats from many colorful backgrounds. While you’re there, why not donate some tickets to one of our charities dedicated to providing underprivileged children with the opportunity to see the circus?

A new year of shows is on the board for May, June, July, and August in cities throughout British Columbia, Alberta, and Ontario. Purchase your tickets online now for the Royal Canadian Circus and become part of a centuries-long tradition of entertainment.

● The circus isn’t just a fun summer family activity; it is a cultural staple that isn’t to be missed. Circuses bring joy to people all over the world, including China, Australia, and Monaco. The Russian circus was so popular that the Soviet Union held its own national circus at one point.
● The first circuses came from England, rising from the art of equestrian sports. Nowadays, acrobats, performers, and tightrope walkers join the experience that children across the world can’t wait to see.
● See what the buzz is about by picking up your tickets to a Royal Canadian Circus show this year. Tickets are on sale now for shows across British Columbia, Alberta, and Ontario. We guarantee it’ll be the highlight of your summer.

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