The Lessons Every Circus Learns: What We Went Through to Bring You Fun Summer Family Entertainment

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With the high demand for fun summer family entertainment, in Canada especially, there’s a lot on our plate at the Royal Canadian Circus to put on a show the whole family will love. The circus has continuously been evolving over the years we’ve brought the show to British Columbia, Alberta, and Ontario. Through those years, we’ve learned quite a few habits and lessons about putting on a circus show. Here’s a rundown.

Make the Parts Fit Together

Starting off, we were rigorous about how we structured our show from the narrative to the movements to lighting and the acrobatics. The Royal Canadian Circus was built on meticulous attention to detail in how each part of the production fits in well with the whole picture. For instance, ask yourself questions like:

• Does the story still work considering the costumes?
• Does the lighting match the mood?
• How would the audience’s reaction change if we changed the order of the acts?

Understand That a Good Show Takes Time to Build

The circus is undoubtedly not a new invention. It’s been fun summer family entertainment for a few centuries now since its inception by Philip Astley back in 1768 England. And through those years, several improvements like the addition of new acts and better lighting technologies have sprung up. For many new circuses, convincing enough audience members to return for next year’s show and recommend it to friends and family is a high priority. That is, becoming a successful circus is about building a good track record and collecting the right combination of talented acrobats. Here at the Royal Canadian Circus, we’ve had a few years of experience doing hundreds of shows in cities like Calgary, Edmonton, Richmond, and Mississauga, and we aren’t stopping anytime soon.

Have a Digital & Online Presence

Any modern business course will be quick to mention the importance of online marketing. Here at RCC, we have:

• The website and blog you’re viewing right now.
• Comprehensive social media presence. A Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube account shown in the sidebar. These are practically essentials when it comes to alerting potential audience members of upcoming shows.
• Constant updates to show off stories, remember recent shows, and advertise new ticket sales.
• Online ticket purchasing availability.

Get the Right People on Board

A circus is only as good as the performers that make it up. At the center of the show is our talented Joseph Bauer, the ringmaster coming from 9 generations of family circus performers. On top of that, we have new acrobats from several new nations and backgrounds ready to provide fun summer family entertainment to your family this year. Among our new arrivals are the Russian Strongman Comedy Act and the Xtreme Chinese Balancing Chair.

Give Back to the Community

Another great thing about the circus business is that it gives you the opportunity to give back to the community that has supported you for all these years. Here at the Royal Canadian Circus, we have been donating free tickets to underprivileged children through the Kids Up Front Foundation and the Ronald McDonald House Charity. Consider donating some tickets as well so that children of all backgrounds get a chance to see Canada’s favorite show.

Fun Summer Family Entertainment | Royal Canadian Circus Spectac! 2019| British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario

See our upcoming 2019 shows running from May to August. We have tons of showings, so call up the family and get ready for some fun summer family entertainment. The cities we’re scheduled for in B.C., Alberta and Ontario include:

• Richmond
• Tsawwassen
• Surrey
• Calgary
• Edmonton
• Etobicoke
• Scarborough
• Mississauga
• Burlington
• Milton

But we aren’t here all year, so don’t delay sharing this timeless Canadian classic with your friends and family. Purchase your tickets online today through our website.

• Starting a circus isn’t a simple process. It takes rigorous effort, knowledge, and passion.
• Getting the right acts on board and finding the best ways to present them are time-consuming processes but necessary in creating an entertaining show.
• The Royal Canadian Circus is ready to bring you some fun summer family entertainment. Purchase your tickets online with us now.

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