A Look into the Royal Canadian Circus Charities | Even More Reasons to Purchase Circus Tickets Online Now

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The Circus is back once again! Both returning and new visitors throughout BC, Alberta, and Ontario cities will be amazed at the acrobats and performances we have in store for 2019. Purchase circus tickets online for several shows from May through August in various cities throughout B.C, Alberta and Ontario.

But one aspect of the Royal Canadian Circus not many know about is our dedication to Canadian charities every year. Children everywhere, regardless of physical or financial needs, all want to see the breathtaking acrobats and experience a day at a traditional family circus. Learn more about how we make the show accessible to everyone as you purchase your circus tickets online.

Kids Up Front

Unfortunately, not every child is raised in ideal conditions. Whether poverty, illness, or disability, some children, teenagers, and their families don’t always have access to enriching life experiences.

That’s why we’ve given out over 20,000 free tickets to the Kids Up Front Foundation over the last 5 years from Edmonton to Calgary and from BC to Alberta. The organization provides access to arts, culture, and recreational events to underprivileged kids throughout Toronto.

While most agency partners cover the essentials like food, shelter, and clothing, there’s no reason to leave out cultural experiences like the circus that will help heal minds, build social awareness, and nourish a sense of “fitting in.”

Don’t let a seat go empty when so many children could be seeing the circus. Purchase circus tickets online with us soon.

Children’s Aid Society of Toronto

An organization serious about building strong family bonds and keeping children safe is the Children’s Aid Society in Toronto, Ontario. The mission is to put the youth first, preventing neglect and abuse and promoting trust, openness, and accessibility.

The Royal Canadian Circus is proud to donate 1,000 tickets to the Children’s Aid Society. Our production has been a favorite with the children and their families.

Ronald McDonald House Charity

The Ronald McDonald House Charities are a non-profit association for building and supporting the health and well-being of children across the world. It has been running for over 44 years and has helped kids and their families in Canada in several provinces.

Not to mention the North Alberta location in Edmonton, where sick or injured children can get treatments and a roof over their heads. Not only can we raise children back to health, but we can provide a sense of a normal life again through programs like the circus.

Purchase circus tickets online yourself and help us donate even more tickets to families supported by this charity. The British Columbia division has already described our contribution as “a wonderful gift for our families to create many treasured memories while watching the Circus.”

Calgary South Asian Lions Club

Just last year in 2018, the Calgary beneficiary from the circus was the South Asian Lions Club. Children and families with special medical needs get to enjoy a wide range of services and activities thanks to the philanthropic efforts of this organization throughout Canada.

Royal Canadian Circus Family Circus Spectac! 2019 | BC – Alberta – Ontario

By purchasing circus tickets online with the Royal Canadian Circus, you are not only supporting a decades-old Canadian tradition but also giving back to the community that has enjoyed years of acrobats, jugglers, and performances.

• The circus is an experience to remember, but not everyone has the means to enjoy the experience.
• That’s why the Royal Canadian Circus has donated to charities like the Ronald McDonald House and Kids Up Front to help underprivileged children see the circus.
• Purchase your circus tickets online today and know you’re helping give back.

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