Royal Canadian Circus – Bringing Fun Family Entertainment to Life in Mississauga & the GTA

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The Royal Canadian Circus rolls into Mississauga, with 19 shows scheduled to take place here between June 29th and July 8th.

Headlined by ringmaster and ninth-generation circus performer Dominik Bauer, the RCC troupe has already wowed audiences nationwide during more than 50 shows in a little more than five weeks. This trend is set to continue, as the cast combine incredible feats of agility with death-defying stunts to absolutely devastating effect.

Behind the headlines, however, there are a number of underrated but brilliant acts that have brought joy to audiences throughout the world. In this post, we’ll profile three of these acts, while asking why they’re so capable of providing fun family entertainment to share with your son, daughter or children of any age.

1. Tommy Tequila

Born as Thomas Aguila, this unique act is arguably established as the quickest and most entertaining juggler in the world.

A one-of-a-kind act who always dazzles and often outperforms his fellow cast members, he combines tremendous charisma with incredibly fast juggling skills to leave his audience in raptures at the end of his set.

Known to his adoring fans as Tommy Tequila, this act currently holds the world record for simultaneously juggling nine ping-pong balls with his mouth, with his fusion of precision, speed, and agility truly unique, even at the elite level of circus performance.

Tommy has performed with distinction for a number of globally renowned circus troupes, including Barnum and Bailey and the iconic Cirque du Soleil. He also has several film and television credits to his name, with the sheer energy and relentless nature of his performance suitable to audiences of all different types and ages.

2. The Bilea Transformation Quick Change Act

Next up is the fascinating names Bilea Transformation Quick Change Act, which stars the talented siblings Vyorel and Elena Bilea.

Heralding from Romania, these two incredible cast members perform split-second transformations that are truly incredible, leaving you gasping in wonder and questioning what you have just seen.

In fact, these two can seemingly shift shapes and challenge your grasp on reality in a split-second, producing an act that is impossible to understand and probably unlike anything you have ever seen before (even if you’re a regular at circus shows around the world).

Unsurprisingly, this act has performed all over the world, while it has also earned the distinction of previously headlining in Las Vegas.

3. The Tarzan Zerbini Dancers and Aerialists

Shows at the 2018 Spectac! tour tend to close with the death-defying Wheel of Destiny, but before then comes a stunning performance from the Tarzan Zerbini Dancers and Aerialists.

Beautiful, colorful and talented in equal measure, the Tarzan Zerbini Dancers and Aerialists perform some incredible maneuvers while helping to celebrate Canada’s diverse multicultural landscape and the heritage of this great nation’s inhabitants.

Few acts are as technically brilliant or meaningful as this, with the Tarzan Zerbini Dancers and Aerialists offering entertainment to share with your son, daughter or children of any age.

Adults will definitely marvel at the grace and the agility of this act, while children will no doubt enjoy the death-defying nature of their incredible moves.

Seeking out Fun Family Activities Is Easy This Summer

These acts highlight the depth and the quality of the RCC troupe, as while they may not headline they add some genuine stardust to the show.

There is certainly something to keep children of all ages entertained, with a trip to the RCC representing one of the best fun family activities available this summer.

  • The Royal Canadian Circus has now docked in Mississauga( June 29 – July 8, 2018)
  • There is an incredible range of diverse acts available to keep both adults and children entertained.
  • Many of these performers have starred for circus troupes across the globe.

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