Macaroni Review: Royal Canadian Circus


Mississauga, O.N. posted June 27, 2018

Macaroni Kid was invited to check out the Royal Canadian Circus last Thursday! Our Publisher Mom Assistant Lareina, checked it out with her Macaroni Crew.

My children and I had the privilege of attending the opening performance of the Royal Canadian Family Circus last night. We were treated to super comfortable plus ringside seats and got to sit right in front of the action. The show was absolutely great and I would definitely recommend taking in a performance this weekend before they are gone.

They had everything you would expect to see at an amazing circus like this including acrobats, jugglers, equestrians and more! Their performers come from 12 different countries around the world including Peru, Russia and China. The families in this circus have been performing for years and many for several generations.

It was amazing to see how they all worked together as a team to perform and help the other performers with their acts when it wasn’t their turn. My son even got his face painted by one of the performers before the show started (which we realized later when we saw her doing one of the aerial performances later in the show). He was so excited that he got to meet her in person before the show, up close and personal.

There were pony rides for the kids, pictures with Bumblebee and Optimus Prime, face painting and treats galore to be had. I recommend bringing some cash with you to the show to take part in all the activities they have as there was no debit/credit card machines at the various activities.

I asked my kids after the show what they thought and all 3 of them gave it a HUGE 5 out of 5 stars for being an AMAZING experience for them. Their favourite acts were the contortionist, the Ring of Death and the high-wire acrobats. They all would definitely say this is the show to go see this weekend and can’t wait to go again when they come back to Edmonton.

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