Traditional Family Circus Brings Fun and Memories to Richmond

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Richmond, B.C. posted June 2, 2018

In this fast-changing world, someone is keeping alive an old tradition from more than 200 years ago – a tradition that has brought laughter to so many families.

In the big tent outside of Lansdowne Centre is the Royal Canadian Family Circus, which is touring across the country and performing at Richmond from now till Sunday June 3.

As one of the largest circuses in the world, its internationally renowned cast – from nine different countries – are ready to wow the audience with breathtaking performances such as the high wire, skywalks, sway poles and horse and rider acrobatics.

This year they will have the Chinese Acrobats Troupe for the first time to add to the variety.

“It’s always a tradition for families to watch the circus together,” said Cathy Sproule, director of public relations for the circus.

“There are always audience members telling me that the last time they saw a circus was when they were six or eight years old. Now they are bringing their kids here, along with their parents. That really makes me happy.”

Sproule, who has been with the circus for around 20 years, said traditions have been kept alive in the Royal Canadian Family Circus, although some other circuses have gone in different directions.

“A traditional circus is designed for families, because it’s family affordable and it’s families performing for families,” said Spoule.

“Ninety-five per cent of our performers were born in the circus and learned their performance skills in the ring, from maybe three years old. That’s what they live; that’s their life.

“Their families have been doing this for four generations, six generations or even 10 generations. It’s like a little circus village that comes into town,” she said.

Sproule said one thing that has changed is that there are not as many animals in the circus as before and no exotic animals are allowed in the circus in recent years, adding that they are happy for this change.

She believes it’s so important to keep the traditional circus alive because what it brings is “pure family entertainment.”

“When you look at the audience, there is no one looking at their cellphones, nor on their iPad; they are totally entertained. That’s something they will remember forever,” said Sproule.

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Schedule:  Sat, June 2, 4pm & 7:30pm; Sun,  June 3, 1pm & 5pm

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