3 Reasons to Visit the Royal Canadian Circus This Summer– Purchase Circus Tickets Online Now

Last Thursday, May 17th, the RCC’s Spectac! 2018 tour began for real with is opening show in Surrey, British Columbia. This was the first of 98 shows that will take place nationwide up until 6th August, with additional dates having been added due to an exceptionally high level of demand.

The popularity of this tour should encourage you to purchase circus tickets online as soon as possible, otherwise you’ll risk missing on one of the summer’s most extravagant spectacles.

If you need a little further convincing, however, we’ve prepared three compelling reasons why you should purchase your tickets online and check out the RCC at a place near you. So, let’s get started!

1. The Royal Canadian Circus Is Home to Some of the World’s Most Talented Circus Performers

Let’s start with a bold assertion; the Royal Canadian Circus is home to some of the most skilled and diversely talented performers in the world.

From the 9th generation performer and circus ringmaster Joseph Dominic Bauer to the stunning Chinese Acrobats from the heartlands of Asia, the RCC showcases a unique and internationally-renowned acts that must be seen to be believed. Visitors to Spectac! 2018 will also see the incredible, Guerrero 4 Man High Wire Act, who earned international fame when they appeared on America’s Got Talent back in 2016.

We also have a penchant for Tommy Tequila, who is established as the world’s fastest and best juggler. Born as Tommy Aguila, he currently holds the rather unique world record for juggling nine ping-pong balls from his mouth, so this should give you an idea of the calibre of performance that you should expect this summer.

2. There are No Exotic Animals in the Royal Canadian Circus Show this Year

In recent times, there’s been significant concerns raised about the use and exploitation of wild and exotic animals by circus troupes.

The Royal Canadian Circus responded to these concerns, with the RCC being among the first to remove exotic animals from their acts.

This is a great reason to visit the RCC this year, with the remaining acts striving to fill this void with an even greater range of thrilling and death-defying feats!

3. The Royal Canadian Circus is Ideal for Children and Families

We all know that summer means school holidays, while it’s also synonymous with spending extending period of time with beloved family members!

Find family activities to fill this time can be challenging, but a trip to the Royal Canadian Circus can help to provide a wonderful day out. There’s certainly ample opportunity for you to see some of the world’s most famous circus acts this summer, with 98 shows scheduled across three major regions over the course of the next eight weeks.

Your kids will certainly be left in awe by the acts on show, while a trip to the RCC offers a truly unique spectacle that can bring your children’s summers to life!

This is so long as you act quickly and purchase your circus tickets online now, of course, as while additional shows have been scheduled the demand for places is quickly swamping the supply of seats!

Please Don’t Hesitate – Be Sure to Purchase your Circus Tickets Online Now

With the tour underway, tickets selling quickly and the troupe featuring some of the most talented circus acts in the world, now is the ideal time to head online and book your tickets at one of our shows.

So don’t hesitate, as we’re sure you’d hate to miss out on a truly incredible spectacle that offers genuine entertainment for the whole family.

  • With the RCC underway, time is running out to purchase circus tickets online
  • There are a total of 98 shows taking place across Canada as part of the Spectac 2018 tour
  • Purchase circus tickets online now to enjoy a host of diverse and talented acts
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