The Royal Canadian Circus is Almost Here – Purchase Circus Tickets Online Now

In case you hadn’t heard, the Royal Canadian Circus is heading back into town!

In fact, this superb troupe will be touring Canada for 98 spectacular shows throughout the spring and summer of 2018, starting in Surrey, B.C. on May 17th and concluding with a thrilling finale in Oakville, Ontario on August 6th. With the tour set to perform in locations throughout British Columbia, Alberta and Ontario, fans nationwide are sure to be wowed as the circus looks to follow up on 2017’s unprecedented success.

If you haven’t already, you need to purchase circus tickets online to ensure that you enjoy the action. But what exactly can you expect from the Royal Canadian Circus Spectac! 2018, and why should you attend?

Heralding an Internationally Renowned Cast

When it comes to cast members, there are few circus troupes that boasts such a diverse and international range of talent.

This includes headliners like the famed Guerrero 4 Man High Wire Act, who earned global repute for their appearances on America’s Got Talent back in 2016. This Portuguese act has stunned audiences across the world with its death-defying feats, while earning new fans after starring on prime-time television.

Visitors to the Royal Canadian Circus can certainly enjoy some of the world best circus acts this summer, from the S Caleb Carinci – Asch Equestrian Acrobats and the Bilea Transformation Act of Romania to the sensational Chinese Acrobats from the heart of Asia. South America is also represented by the incredible Andrea and Martin Gonzales Aerial Strap, who herald from Peru and Puerto Rico respectively and are renowned as 5th generation circus artist performers.

If you’re about to purchase circus tickets online, you may also be interested to note that the thrilling Thomas Aguila (or Tommy Tequila to you and me) will star at the Royal Canadian Circus this summer. This one-of-a-kind juggling act will surprise and delight in equal measure, with his resume including stints at the world renowned Cirque du Soleil and Barnum and Bailey.

Tommy is also renowned as the world’s fastest juggler, which gives you an insight into the precision, speed and level of agility that he’s able to showcase. Incredibly, Tommy also holds the world record for juggling nine ping pong balls with his mouth, so you may get to see two incredible feats of coordination if you’re fortunate!

What Else Should you Expect from the Royal Canadian Circus Spectac! 2018 Show?

There are a host of other performers too, of course, so you’ll definitely be spoiled for choice when planning your trip to the circus.

Another highlight of your trip to see the Royal Canadian Circus will be the appearance of ringmaster extraordinaire Joseph Dominic Bauer, who has been performing daredevil feats of brilliance for more than 35 years now. A ninth generation circus performer, Bauer is set to perform his death-defying Wheel of Destiny on this years’ tour, and this makes for a must-see finale that will leave everyone on the edge of their seats!

This circus will not include any exotic animals, however, which represents a progressive step that will soon become commonplace throughout the world. In fact, all wild and exotic animals will be banned from circuses in the UK from the year 2020, as troupes look to safeguard a number of species’ across the globe.

Don’t Wait – Purchase your Circus Tickets Online Now

With an array of global stars, a world-renowned ringmaster and some of the most death-defying acts imaginable, there’s little doubt that the Royal Canadian Circus is set to be a stunning hit this summer.

Tickets are selling at an incredible rate, however, so you’ll need to act quickly and purchase your circus tickets online now if you’re to enjoy the spectacle!

• The RCC gets underway on May 17th in Surrey, British Columbia
• A host of brilliant performers from across the globe will make for a stunning spectacle
• Tickets are running out, so you should head online now and make your purchase today

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