Looking for Fun Family Activities? It Starts with the Royal Canadian Circus

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Do you remember your first circus? For most, the idea of fun family activities and entertainment starts with the circus. The circus represents a timeless tradition and the dedication and perseverance of talented individuals willing to dazzle audiences with their expertise and skill.

Your First Experience with Fun Family Entertainment

As a child, you were filled with excitement when your parents told you about the circus in all its glory. How could you not be excited about the dazzling acrobats risking their lives flying off trapezes and walking tightropes high above the ground, ferocious beasts directly from the jungles working in tandem with their handlers, and classic fair food?

When you arrived in the parking lot, you were blown away by the massive big top standing tall above everything else for miles. But the fun hadn’t even begun yet. It didn’t take long for you to find your seat, for the lights to slowly dim, anticipation continuously building, the ringleader came out and began the show. What followed was hours of fun family entertainment that you will never forget.

While certain traditions have changed (for the better), the circus still offers timeless fun family activities and entertainment to share with your son, daughter, or children of any age.

Unpacking Spectac! 2018

The best fun family entertainment starts with the circus. Here’s a look into what you can expect from Spectac! 2018:


The entire Spectac! show is presented by the immensely talented Joseph Dominic Bauer, a man that comes from a family with over 9 generations of circus performers. But Bauer is no ordinary ringleader, he also performs daredevil acts.
High Wire

The high wire act is executed by the talented Portuguese husband and wife duo Aura and Werner Cardinali and their troupe. Did you know they were featured on Americas Got Talent in 2016?
Equestrian Show

Humans and horses have a longstanding tradition of working together. What better way to honor that tradition than a display of finesse, skill, and choreography featuring horses.
Chinese Acrobat Troupe

Acrobats are the lifeblood of a circus. The Chinese troupe of acrobats brings a lot of flair and bedazzlement to their Spectacle, making it one of the fun family activities that we have to offer.
Aerial Strap

It takes a lot of courage to climb dozens of feet above the ground and perform a complicated dance routine. Luckily for us, the ever-talented Andrea and Martin Gonzales are happy to showcase their talent.


Tommy Tequila brings charisma and style to his juggling act, stunning audiences with his tricks and commentary. You won’t believe what he can juggle until you see it.

Quick Change Act

Blink and you’ll miss it. The quick change act features Vyorel and Elena Bilea shifting and changing in and out of costumes and set pieces.

Hoop Maze

Have you ever tried the hula hoop? It’s not easy, unless of course you are Elena Bilea. Watch her maneuver with ease through our hula hoop maze.


Dancing may seem normal to you, but that means you’ve never seen the amazing work put on by the Tarzan Zerbini Dancers. You’ll never look at dancing the same again.

Come Join the Royal Canadian Circus at Spectac! 2018 This Circus Season

Whatever you decide, the Royal Canadian Circus has been providing fun family activities and entertainment to share with your son, daughter, and children of any age for decades. We are truly passionate about what we do and we will continue to entertain families for many more generations.

If you are interested in attending our circus, feel free to check us out this spring and summer at one of our shows in British Columbia, Alberta, or Ontario. Come and see the wonder of the circus with your own eyes.

  • Fun family entertainment can be yours this summer with over 90 shows scheduled.
  • Ontarians can enjoy shows in Mississauga, Markham, Pickering, Burlington, and Oakville.
  • The Royal Canadian Circus proudly supports the Kids Up Front Canada charity.

For exact dates and locations on our shows in Western Canada and Ontario which include the following cities: Surrey, Tsawwassen, Richmond, Abbotsford, Calgary and Edmonton, Oakville, Burlington, Pickering and Mississauga please click here and visit our website. Tickets can be purchased online. Come and enjoy the Royal Canadian Circus, a fun family activity for kids of all ages!

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