Fun for the Family

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By: Moose Jaw Times Herald

Moose Jaw S.K. posted June 30, 2017

Royal Canadian Family Circus to make Moose Jaw stop Wednesday night

The circus is coming to town.

On Wednesday at 7 p.m. at Mosaic Place, the Royal Canadian Family Circus will stop at Mosaic Place during its Spectac! 2017 tour.

“We’ve basically got something for the whole family and it’s a beautiful show. It’s a thrill show,” said Cathy Sproule, the circus’ tour director. “What’s exciting is seeing all of these families and you’re seeing the grandparents bring their grandchildren.”

The show features acts such as Liberty horses, poodles from Mexico, acrobats, a motorcycle Cyclone act, a super heroes aerial act from Argentina, a hula hoop act from Peru, the Guerrero Duo High Wire from Portugal dating back five generations and more. Sproule noted there are no exotic animals in the show.

“This is a traditional family circus and this is a showcase of incredible athletes and performers that come from nine countries in the world,” she said. “We’re really excited to be coming to Mosaic Place in Moose Jaw because it’s not very often where you see one-of-a-kind acts like the duo Guerrero High Wire that have been in America’s Got Talent.”

While she said all of the acts are “quite sensational,” the Guerrero duo is always an audience favourite.

“It’s a very dangerous act,” said Sproule, adding the duo is quite famous in Europe. “She has a soprano voice and sings on the high wire and does amazing manoeuvres like standing on a chair on top of the high wire.”

When asked what makes the circus stand out from other circuses, Sproule said it comes down to the quality of the acts.

“This is really the only circus of its kind left in Canada because as you know, the Ringlings have gone by the wayside and so we also have a big top,” said Sproule. “So we are the only circus of this kind now in Canada with these amazing acts. Our performers from nine countries go back generations. They learn their trade in the ring … This is traditional circus world where circus families showcase these incredible talents.”

The Moose Jaw stop is part of the circus’ Canada 150 tour that started in May and finishes in August. Moose Jaw is one of five Saskatchewan stops, as the circus has also performed in Prince Albert, Yorkton and Saskatoon and will also be stopping in Regina before continuing east across the country.

“We have a few people in our cast from Canada, but our performers come from all over the world, so they’re multicultural as is Canada,” she said. “Mosaic Place is a beautiful arena and Moose Jaw is a family place and that’s what this show is. It’s traditional circus families performing for families.”

Post published by Moose Jaw Times Herald


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