Tickets Online to Commemorate Canada’s 150th Birthday

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Get tickets online to celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday by injecting some memorable excitement into your summer family fun! It’s time to party, and there’s no time like the present to raise the cheer and shout for joy at being able to join in celebration for this beautiful land that allows for our self expression and growth. At the Royal Canadian Circus we’ve been privileged to have traveled this great nation performing for over fifty years. It truly has been an honour and pleasure to be able to express and showcase our talent and skill over the years, and we like to celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday this season with our best most Spectac! performance ever!

Your Tickets to Celebration

Everyone will be celebrating this summer, whether for a special occasion like a birthday, where family, friends and festivities gather, and/or commemorating our nation’s 150th year, there will be many an opportunity this year to make these summertime months most memorable. With the ease these days to purchase tickets online, many are doing so as soon as locations are listed and dates confirmed, thus seating becomes limited to nil on the days of events, leaving many to miss out on these special moments. Securing tickets in advance becomes paramount during such a party celebration climate as we’re going to experience this summer. Don’t miss out on your opportunity to provide your family with the fun activities and top quality entertainment you and they deserve. Not everyone gets to enjoy a circus performance in their lifetime, let alone one during the national celebration season of Canada’s 150th birthday!

How Did You Celebrate?

Many children will be asked what they did special over the summer when they return to school in the fall. If you were to purchase circus tickets online today, you would most certainly guarantee exciting stories for your children to share with their friends and classmates months from now. Very few are gifted the opportunity to share the experience they had with the circus. You see, you don’t just sit and WATCH the circus from the audience… you actually become a part of it! You can feel it, like physically! Goosebumps, little hairs standing up on the back of your neck, you can barely blink because your eyes are open so wide in amazement. It can feel like your heart is expanding in sheer anticipation and sometimes your hands get a bit sweaty especially if you grip at your seat when the thrills really ramp up. Your mind races with thoughts of ‘how is that possible’ and if you happen to start laughing there’s no telling when it will end! That’s the impact the circus has… so it really is a day WITH the circus, and you always take it home with you in your heart-mind.

Circus Tickets Easy to Get

Circus tickets online are easy to obtain. We’ve actually made the process simple and quick so you can purchase them in a few minutes right on your smartphone and even store them directly onto your device. Doing this today alleviates any disappointment of not getting the tickets you want and having them at the ready on your phone will eliminate the possibility of misplacing physical tickets when you arrive at the front gate on performance day. Find us on Facebook for circus updates and ticket discount promotions or go directly to our official website here to buy your tickets today.

Celebrate with Us

Join us this season as we break out our best performance ever in Spectac!2017. Visit our main page to find our performance dates and locations for the month of June in Grande Prairie, Prince Albert, Yorkton; June and July in Saskatoon, Moose Jaw, and Regina. As well as in Ontario near Toronto during August. It is our pleasure to continue to entertain with excellence throughout our beautiful nation as the years flourish, and we look forward to our future growth, amazement, smiles thrills and chills from our wonderful audiences. From our family to yours, enjoy your summer in good health and well being.

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