Royal Canadian Circus Breaking Attendance Records in Western Canada

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May 26, 2017 08:00 ET

CALGARY, ALBERTA–(Marketwired – May 26, 2017) –

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As the sun sets on Ringling, the Royal Canadian family Circus Spectac!™ 2017 is smashing attendance records in British Columbia with its new Acrobatics and Thrill Show – headlined by the Famous Guerrero Duo.

The Royal Canadian Circus has moved toward thrill acts and acrobatic feature performances and no longer has exotic animals as part of their show. While this makes some happy and others somewhat sad the response to this year’s show has been overwhelmingly positive.

One of the circus feature acts this year that has everyone talking and gasping is the Guerrero Duo High Wire act. This is the only act of its kind in the world. Originally from Spain, wife Aura and Werner Cardinali execute unique acrobatic manoeuvres, stunts and footwork across a high wire while singing. They wowed the judges in Americas Got Talent in 2016. Judge Howie Mandel said, “This was the most amazing death defying thing I have ever seen”. Over the past 30 years this incredible husband-wife duo has won every prestigious Gold Medal award throughout Europe, been featured at the Winter Olympics in Lillehammer, headlined Television Specials, and travelled the world performing.

The Circus’s ringmaster Joseph ‘Zep’ Bauer, himself a 9th generation daredevil, said the following: “Just because the mighty have fallen, it doesn’t diminish the public’s appetite for circus. Nor does it diminish the fervour with which we pursue our craft.” He added, “While the circus may evolve, as it has done over hundreds of years, the family circus legacy will continue, especially the European Big Top show.”

A year ago, the show was en route to Fort McMurray for the first Big Top Circus there in ages, when it was forced back by the wildfires which devastated the community. Circus producer Tarzan Zerbini feels strongly about performing in Fort McMurray. “We’re going to give it a re-try, and are scheduled to set up the Big Top in Fort McMurray after we close Calgary on June 4th. My family has been in this business since the mid 1700’s, and we aren’t about to be rendered extinct by activists or changing times.” He adds, “The show will go on, because a day at the circus is a day with family, and a day away from the daily life. A day we get to share with our fans and supporters.”

The Royal Canadian Circus continues through early August as it makes its way across Western Canada and ultimately to Ontario. Featuring an inspiring opening, “Celebrating 150 Years, Canada”, this exotic animal-free show is in fact demonstrating the tenacity of its performing families, and their ability to adapt to changing times and attitudes.

If there was ever any doubt that the circus is alive and well in Canada, the following is one of the thousands of positive messages they received from someone who attended their show this year: “My daughters and I enjoyed the Saturday show so much we attended a second show on Sunday with my husband and friends as well! Having seen it all before we were still thoroughly entertained the second night! My daughter loved Alicia the Hulahoopster and is now attempting hula hooping! My other daughter wants to do the tightrope, she has never been so frightened and excited at the same time!!! Thank you for coming to Abbotsford, BC and inspiring my 6 year old daughters to ‘run away and join the circus!’ Can’t wait to see it again next year!”

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