How to Save When Purchasing your Circus Tickets Online

“Ah, the Circus!” is a phrase we hear Canadians often chanting when they see huge and colorful Circus Posters on Billboards and TV spots and Commercials about the Royal Canadian Circus coming to town. Believe it or not, some people love these shows so much that they travel out of town/province to attend. A magical spell is cast at the thought of seeing talented people performing out-of-this-world acts that “ooo” and “awe” audiences of all ages.

Are you in the process of purchasing circus tickets? When doing so, you want to be thinking about two things:

  1. Getting the best seats possible for the amount spent
  2. Saving on ticket prices, no matter where you sit

Spending too much is something that will drag you down and take the fun out of what is supposed to be a fun family activity to share with children of all ages.

The best way to save money on circus tickets is to shop online. Like or follow our Facebook and Twitter pages to receive timely updates on our shows. We occasionally also host contests where participants get the chance to win discounts, 2-4-1 deals, and other coupon vouchers. Don’t wait too long because seating is restricted and performances become sold out fast. Please be advised that all coupon codes are applicable for general admissions tickets only.

The following are social media campaigns we are running.

Do not panic if you cannot find a good deal on time for a show in your area. Our circus tickets are usually priced well to start. Our general admissions tickets are priced at $25/ticket, while VIP tickets are priced at $35/ticket. We also offer ringside seats, which are priced at $50/ticket. It is our aim to make the experience of going to the circus as affordable as possible for the entire family.

We are big believers in organizing fun family activities that entire families can share with their sons and daughters. We look for ways to motivate families to get off the couch, turn off their TVs and put their work aside once in a while for a good cause. Spending quality family time together is very important because the more time you spend together, the better chance you have of sharing quality experiences.

Healthy families keep a good balance between “too much” and “not enough” time together. They spend enough time to satisfy all family members. Children learn to bring balance to their lives when they see their parents setting aside time for what they value.

About the Royal Canadian Circus:

We generated smiles and endless “ooo’s” and “awe’s” in Surrey, Vancouver and will do so in Abbotsford this weekend, Saskatoon, Moose Jaw and Regina in June and July. In August we’ll be in Etobicoke, Ontario near Toronto. We’ve also got shows scheduled in Calgary, Edmonton, Medicine Hat, Fort McMurray and more. We look forward to delighting you all beyond your imagination!


Featured performances include the husband-wife high-wire act; featured in America’s Got Talent, as well as the Dominguez dog act from Mexico, Martin Espana American Cyclone motorcycle show, Andrea and Alejandro Gonzales’ “aerial strap” performance via Peru, clown Piolita Videlaa from Argentina, a “Super Heroes” aerial featuring the Mica Duo of Columbia, and much, much more. For more information about the performers and the acts to expect at the Royal Canadian Circus click here.
Click here to purchase your circus tickets today. We guarantee that you will not be disappointed with your decision to host a family outing at our traditional circus with a modern twist. The fun that you have with your family and friends is a time that you will cherish forever.

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