Purchase Circus Tickets Online to Guarantee Excitement

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There is nothing that will stand in the way of you providing your family with the fun they deserve this summer. No long lineups, no “Sold Out” notices, not even a melted mess of ice cream will deter you from delivering the pure excitement you seek for all the children and members in your family. You’ve got this, guaranteed. You know the Royal Canadian Circus is rolling into a town near you this summer, and you know how much all the children in your family, big and small, will enjoy the variety of talent and memorable experience of an exciting performance. So it just makes perfect sense to secure that excitement in advance and purchase your circus tickets online to avoid any lineups or disappointing ‘Sold Out’ signs. You intend on being the entertainment hero in your family, and we have made it as easy as possible for you to achieve that.

The Ease of Planning Fun Family Entertainment

Once you decide to add the Royal Canadian Circus Spectac! 2017 performance to your family’s plans, you will most likely find that we have made it easier for you to purchase tickets online. Our website is very clear and easy to navigate; all the schedule information is right there on our home page for you to begin planning your family fun. Ordering your circus tickets online has been simplified into a few easy steps that will guarantee your attendance in mere minutes. For added convenience we’ve made it so that you can even use your smartphone for ticket confirmation at the entrance gate so you won’t have to fumble or forget where you put your circus passes. Visit our website to discover how easy and affordable it is to include a day at the circus for you and your whole family. For performance updates, latest news, videos, fun facts and ‘early bird’ promotional discounts for tickets online, find us on Facebook and let us know about your circus experience and/or your anticipation of enjoying one with us.

The Rare Experience of a Day at the Circus

The Circus is a traveling show, so it doesn’t stay long in any area during the performance season. We’re always on the move when we’re not performing. We roll into town, set up the traditional big top like precision acrobats, delight and amaze audiences; then we pack it all up and get back on the road again traveling to our next destination. If you want your family to experience the Royal Canadian Circus this summer, the opportunities to do so are golden, which is why so many more people are opting to purchase their tickets online to avoid any disappointment of being turned away at the gate on performance days. Even though we perform several shows for Canadian audiences each year, many people just don’t get a chance to experience the circus. Opportunities to enjoy the thrill and fun excitement of a truly traditional circus have become rarer than you might imagine. With circuses around the globe either slowing or shutting down, even tourists from all over the world are getting in on the action and adding us to their travel plans.

Beyond Just a Circus Show

Each year we find that more and more people are choosing the circus as their ‘go to’ for good, old fashion fun family entertainment. Some families have even turned it into an annual summer event they share with each other, and the circus is becoming a popular birthday party activity too! With tourists also seeking to add it to their memorable vacation experiences, tickets sell faster and faster with each passing year. The added convenience of purchasing tickets online in advance secures seats well ahead of any possible disappointment. For guaranteed seats, purchase tickets online to avoid any disappointed faces in your family.

Bring Your Circus to Experience Ours

We continue to grow, adding more and more thrilling excitement each season, and we’re pleased to be performing in cities and towns across Saskatchewan and British Columbia for the first year ever! The Royal Canadian Circus will be delighting audiences in Surrey, Vancouver and Abbotsford in the month of May, and in Saskatoon, Moose Jaw and Regina June and July. Shows are also scheduled in Calgary, Edmonton, Medicine Hat, Fort McMurray and more. Stay tuned to our Facebook page and website for performance date announcements throughout Ontario and around Toronto this summer. Each one of our performers is beside themselves with anticipation of seeing children of all ages (and that means adults too) beam with bright smiles and cheers this year. We all hope that includes you and your family!

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