The Best in Fun Family Activities and Entertainment

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Although it is an exceptional yearly occurrence, experiencing a circus performance is actually more affordable than many fun family activities and entertainment to share with your son, daughter or children of any age. With the wide variety of things to do and see with children, everyone seeks a new, fresh experience to share with each other. None is more rare, authentic and unique than a live circus performance. Children of all ages derive much enjoyment from the experience together, and it creates fun stories to tell and fond memories to share for many years to come. Many adults who have attended a circus performance in their youth seek to provide their own children and grandchildren with the exciting once-in-a-lifetime experience they enjoyed many years ago. Who could resist sharing such enjoyment together!?

The Sensory Benefit of the Circus

It is one thing to watch a video, however, witnessing an aerial acrobat cheat death with skill and beautiful precision first hand, live up close in person, takes watching a performance to a whole other sensory level. Aside from the extreme enthusiasm that people get caught up in while watching a live circus performance, the five senses are actually stimulated to excitement which releases naturally producing ‘feel good’ chemicals in the brain. Attending the circus becomes fun family entertainment that’s actually good for you on more levels than just enjoyment of entertainment! It’s a circus of beneficial stimuli to attend a live performance as opposed to watching a video on a screen.

The Visuals

A day with the Royal Canadian Circus delights the eyes with vibrant colour and light. Centre stage under Canada’s largest ‘big top’ audiences become fixated on the performance activity and excitement. They follow the live action which allows the eyes a stimulating workout. With the heavy use of smart phones and hand held devices these days most people predominantly find themselves looking down at small screens which can have their eyes in a locked position for extended periods of time. Lights, props and colourful performance costumes add to the visual stimulation offering a robust experience for the eyes to take in and be exercised by.

The Flavours and Scents

A traditional circus experience is not complete without the tastes and smells of authentic fare like freshly popped buttery popcorn, sweet crispy candy apples, thick hot pretzels and delicious hot dogs with all the familiar fixings. Children of all ages enjoy the treats available at the circus, especially when they’re brought right to you in your seats, and some favourites can even bring back fond childhood memories. Fun family activities and entertainment like the circus allows for some good indulgences that are not a regular occurrence for many in our audiences. For younger children it may even be their first experience having candy floss or another traditional treat. Years down the road into adulthood the smell of candy floss may very well incite automatic recall memories of their first circus experience, and they may wish to share that with their own children.

The Sounds and Feeling

There is a lot of audio stimulation available to our ears at the circus; the sounds of music, the ringmaster’s voice, the action and motions of the performers, even the audience cheers, laughter and gasps… it all dances upon the ears to add to the overall excitement. Touch also plays a role in that stimulation, especially during the acts encompassing precise skill in the face of danger. High aerial acrobats performing with great skill sometimes cause the hair to stand on the back of people’s neck in the audience. Anticipation of performer skills in dangerous acts sometimes results in shifting around to the edge of the seat, hand holding and knee gripping among children of all ages in the audience. The heart beats more vigorously when viewing a potentially dangerous situation and people find themselves flushed as they intently watch the performance action. Our clowns have the ability to effect belly laughter which may lead to a sore face from smiling really big and laughing so much. Fun family activities takes on a whole new meaning when having a whole sensory live circus experience.

Excited to Share a Circus Performance

Sharing a live circus show under Canada’s largest ‘big top’ with children of all ages in your family is a beneficial fun activity. Audiences are delighted with the wide range of sensory stimulation they have the opportunity to partake in. This once-in-a-lifetime circus experience is beneficial beyond just finding something different to get the children out of the house for this summer. Visit us on Facebook to check for any ticket discount promotion codes, and see our website for performance locations like Surrey, Vancouver and Abbotsford in May, Saskatoon, Moose Jaw and Regina in June and July. In August we’ll be in Ontario near Toronto. We’ve also got shows scheduled in Calgary, Edmonton, Medicine Hat, Fort McMurray and more. We update our performance schedule quite often as we confirm dates and locations, so stay tuned and follow us on Facebook for additional information and promotions. Here at the Royal Canadian Circus we are very excited to see you this year. Together we can create cherished memories and smiles that will live on for many years to come.

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