The Royal Canadian Circus Brings Fun Family Summer Activities and Entertainment in 2017

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For over 50 years the Royal Canadian Circus has offered fun family summer activities and entertainment with an ever growing spectacular performance that delights adults and children of every age and background; and 2017 is set to be absolutely Spectac! The live circus experience is well worth getting everyone out of the house for. It creates an opportunity to enjoy and create fond memories that will be spoken of and shared for years to come. A live circus performance, presented under the majestic traditional “big top”, provides a much more exhilarating personal experience than watching a movie or video clip. There are no pixels at the circus, only true high-definition excitement. With all of its traditionally exciting energy and sensory delights, the circus is truly worth getting all the children and family members out of the house this summer.

Add the Circus to Your ‘Must Experience’ List This Summer

Due to our Canadian climate, the circus is a seasonal delight that many people enjoy at least once in their lifetime. Parents and Grandparents who have experienced a circus performance in their childhood often gift their own children with the adventure of a thrilling “big top” show. There’s nothing comparable to witnessing the glee, amusement and sheer joy on a child’s face as they intently watch the activity and spectacle before them. Children of all ages internally respond to each act performed; from dangerous skilled acrobatics to the crazy funny clowns, everyone will come away with a favourite of theirs. Families glow and beam with excitement and their smiles seem to shine like the sun. So, if you’re looking for fun summer activities and entertainment to be shared by the whole family then add the circus to your ‘Must Experience’ list this year.

Looking Up at the Circus Instead of Looking Down at a Smart Phone

On a flat screen it’s often difficult to appreciate and comprehend the expansiveness of space and time in videos. Heights that flying trapeze artists scale are dismissible when viewed on a digital device. When a small child is seated under the circus “big top”, they easily become mesmerized with the performers adorned in vibrant colours actively moving their bodies in ways that can engage the curiosity of a child’s creative imagination. All of a sudden children are looking up and out in anticipation, instead of hunched over, head down looking at the pixilated flatness of a screen. The Circus provides an uplifting performance that engages children of all ages. Memories are shared at family gatherings for years, and possibly even ignite future aspirations. It’s almost as if this unique and traditional fun summer entertainment is a workout for the imagination.

The Royal Canadian Circus – Destination Awesome

We’re thrilled to announce that not only are we growing and expanding our traditional “big top” excitement, for the first time we will be performing several shows throughout British Columbia and Saskatchewan! The awesome Royal Canadian Family Circus is scheduled to perform Spectac! 2017 in Surrey, Vancouver and Abbotsford in the month of May, and in Saskatoon, Moose Jaw and Regina in June and July. In addition, shows are scheduled in Calgary, Edmonton, Medicine Hat, Fort McMurray and more. Show dates, details and tickets are available on our website. Be sure to stay tuned for performance announcements and details for shows throughout Ontario. We warmly welcome all families throughout Canada that wish to experience the old fashioned traditional circus energy that we provide with a modern exhilarating twist not soon to be forgotten. Destination awesome can be found under Canada’s largest “big top”. Join us this summer and let’s create smiles and long lasting memories together for your entire family.

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