The Chronicle-Journal: Circus Aims to Dazzle

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The Royal Canadian Circus threw open the curtain to the big top tent at the CLE grounds Friday, as crowds lined up to see the show.

Entertainers rushed behind the scene to apply makeup and put on elaborate costumes for their performances, and Joseph Dominick Bauer dusted off his top hat. Bauer, who is both the ringmaster and the dare devil who appears at the end of the program, is no newcomer to the show.

“I’m the eighth generation in our family so I’ve been here my whole life,” he said.

The ringmaster’s job is to host the show, introduce the international acts and ensure that the show runs at a smooth and proper pace. “We have people from all over the world in this show so they need proper introduction,” he said. “For example, we have an act from Kyrgyzstan, which is near Mongolia, and they’ve never been to Canada before.” Their act involves five horses and
riders doing very scary tricks on the horses at a very fast pace. Bauer said other acts include the traditional flying trapeze, acrobats and other surprises. The daredevil act is performed on a 15-metre, pendulum wheel that has the dare devil run around the inside and outside, of the wheel while jumping rope, juggling fire and walking blindfolded.

“But the real highlight of the show is the kids,” said Bauer.

“We are the oldest form of entertainment and we are actually older than baseball.”

Photo: Amelia Wall, 6, and her little brother Zakkary, 2, meet with Royal Canadian Circus ringmaster Joseph Dominick Bauer prior to the opening show on Friday.

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Amelia Wall, 6 , is amazed at the height of the big top tent as she enters to see the Royal Canadian Circus on Friday. The show at the CLE grounds in Thunder Bay presents performers from around the world, including riders doing “very scary tricks” on horses, flying trapeze, acrobats, and a daredevil act that is performed on a 15-metre, pendulum wheel.

royal canadian circus 3Top photo: The Kambarov acrobats showed off strength and precision with their pole performance on Sunday inside the giant circus tent on the Canadian Lakehead Exhibition grounds in Thunder Bay. The Royal Canadian Circus, which had its final day in the city, gave a portion of the proceeds towards the Thunder Bay Boys and Girls Club.
Bottom photo: Nathan Velencis performs an aerial strap and silk routine high above the crowd at the Royal Canadian Circus.

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