Royal Canadian Circus Update

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royal canadian circus press release

Calgary- May 3, 2016 – The World Famous Royal Canadian Circus announces that due to pressure from US based activist organizations, the Zerbini Performing Elephants will not be allowed to leave the United States and will not be present for the Canadian tour in 2016.

The Tarzan Zerbini Family Circus has been coming to Alberta for over 50 years – this year on behalf of the Calgary South Asian Lions Club, and other local charities under the banner of the Royal Canadian Circus.

Notwithstanding this year’s holdup, the circus continues to encourage its patrons to understand and contribute to critical conservation efforts aimed at ensuring that elephants are protected and can thrive in the wild. Not only does the Zerbini family contribute thousands of dollars annually directly to overseas programs, the Zerbinis also use announcements, printed materials, email broadcasts and their various websites to urge circus goers to contribute directly as well. The circus has also created a crowdfunding initiative for Sumatran elephant conservation where contributors are directly linked to the “Asian Elephant Support Group” through the Zerbinis’‎

The Zerbini Circus family has been producing circuses and working with both domestic and exotic animals since being founded in Paris, France in 1763, and has called three continents home over its long and celebrated history. They are recognized for pioneering significant improvements in the care and training of elephants especially, and have lovingly built a non-profit animal care and retirement facility in sunny central Florida called “Two Tails Ranch”. More information can be found at

Today, continuing in this two and a half century tradition, the Zerbini extended family of men, women, children and their animals travel together for 8 months of the year, bringing joy to children of all ages.

Family tradition, family values, family entertainment, family of animals and man – living together and working together – the 2016 Tarzan Zerbini Family Circus is yours to enjoy.

For more information please contact:

Cathy Sproule, Director Public Relations

Phone: (403) 815-7499



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