Enjoy Fun Summer Entertainment While Supporting Kids Up Front!

The circus certainly lives up to its reputation as a magical and wonderful experience, full of fun summer activities and entertainment for kids and the family. With so many amazing acts and performances to see, everyone who visits the circus is sure to enjoy themselves. We have options for everyone, from the animal lovers, to people who like seeing synchronized acrobats and other daring feats, high above the ground in the Big Top. It is an unforgettable experience that most visitors choose to re-live and enjoy, year after year.

However, the wonderful experience that it is, not everyone can afford to attend the circus and experience this magic. At the Royal Canadian Circus, we go to great lengths to ensure that every child, no matter their financial circumstances, gets an opportunity to come and see a show. This is why we’ve partnered with so many great foundations that benefit children, like the Kids Up Front Foundation.

Kids Up Front is a foundation we here at the Royal Canadian Circus are proud to partner with. Kids Up Front Canada works very hard all year round to provide underprivileged children to experience the circus at no cost to them. These wonderful, deserving children will have the times of their lives as they experience amazing spectacles under the Big Top, all thanks to your support.

Kids Up Front Foundation has offices in Calgary and Toronto, supporting children from across Alberta and Ontario, and allowing them to experience the best the Royal Canadian Circus has to offer. Providing endless hours of fun summer activities and entertainment for kids is what we do best. This is why we choose to underprivileged children, and support anything we can do to help them, as they might not otherwise be able to see the bright lights, the majestic elephants, or acrobats live.

We believe that every child deserves the best, regardless of their circumstances. This is why we devote so much time and effort to ensure that such children, who may not be able to afford a circus ticket, are able to go and enjoy fun summer activities and entertainment with their family and friends back home. These children will keep the memories they make with them forever, as they reminisce on the spectacle and awe of the circus.

At the Royal Canadian Circus, we enjoy providing our visitors with unforgettable experiences. This is why we decided to partner with organizations like Kids Up Front. With the high cost of living and an increasing amount of children born into poverty, we understand that entertainment is not the first priority of many poor families. This is why we are doing everything we can at the Royal Canadian Circus to give these children fun summer entertainment they can enjoy.

So, whether you attend the Royal Canadian Circus alone, or with the family, we hope you know that you are helping us provide such experiences to underprivileged children as well. Our ability to do so is the direct result of your compassion and your enjoyment of the circus.

If you want to support the Royal Canadian Circus’s and Kids Up Front Foundation’s work and send more deserving children to the circus, purchase tickets on our website. You can also find more information there about our other initiatives at the Royal Canadian Circus, like our fight against animal abuse in the industry. Fun summer activities and entertainment for kids and the family are waiting, so book your tickets today before we run out. We have performances scheduled in Red Deer, Grande Prairie, Fort McMurray, Calgary, Ottawa, Camrose, Drumheller, Edmonton, and Cold Lake.

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