Fun Summer Activities are Coming to Town

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This Spring, experience fun summer activities for kids and the family as you enjoy what is definitely the best show on Earth: The Royal Canadian Circus! Nowhere else can you have this much fun, but you will need to hurry. With a limited number of performances, tickets will be sold out soon. Get yours today before it is too late. Here are just some of the acts you can see at the Royal Canadian Circus.

With amazing acts, like trapeze artists, animal acts, motorcycle stunts, and tightrope walkers, you will want to return time and time again. For an experience like no other, purchase a ticket to the Royal Canadian Circus today!


Trapeze artists are amazing to watch, as they perform death-defying stunts high above the crowds below. Just the act of gathering momentum when preparing to swing to their partner is no easy feat! Due to the impressive physical abilities needed to perform their stunts safely, each trapeze artist must be able to develop immense amounts of explosive power, timing, and coordination to ensure their act is a success. Watch the results of years of training as our professionals perform feats you never thought possible!

You will be in awe as you see these consummate professionals in action. Once you see our trapeze artists in action, your kids and the family will want to return again and again, just to see another performance. Watch as trapeze artists gracefully glide through the air, defying physics, and soaring effortlessly from one bar to another as you hold your breath. They truly are a sight to behold.

Animal Acts

Everyone loves animals, whether they are your pet dog, or the tigers at the zoo. However, only at the Royal Canadian Circus can you see majestic, exotic elephants, and beautiful horses perform tricks effortlessly and happily for their many fans. Every performance is unique and magical when you see the animal acts, a staple of the circus since its origins.

Motorcycle Stunts

Motorcycles are cool, whether you see them pass by on the road, or used in stunts under the Big Top! Watch our expert performers do stunts that will amaze and surprise you, every time. In 2015, our motorcycle performers showed you the spectacle of the Globe of Death, where our stunt riders looped both horizontally and vertically inside a mesh metal sphere ball, and 2016 offers even more possibilities for amazing motorcycle stunt work. This is just one of the fun summer activities for kids that you can see when you visit the Royal Canadian Circus.

Tightrope Walkers

The best performers make the hardest sports seem easy. This remains true, whether you are watching a gymnast at the Olympics, or tightrope walkers at the Royal Canadian Circus. Beyond the need for excellent coordination and balance, each and every performer must be comfortable performing their stunts in tandem with other performers. The slack created on the tightrope is unique to the performer, and depends on their height, weight, body distribution, and more.

If two or more performers are using the same slack line at the same time, they can create a unique sense of slack in the line. Performers must be able to accommodate these differences in every performance and still excel at putting on a show for their loyal fans. Every performance becomes so much better when you realize just how much time and effort was put into every technique, and every move. Tightrope walkers and other fun summer activities can be seen early this year, during the Spring, by spectators across Alberta!

Royal Canadian Circus has fun summer activities for kids and the family, with scheduled appearances in Alberta and Ontario this Spring. We will be touring and hosting performances in Red Deer, Fort McMurray, Calgary, and Camrose, Edmonton, Cold Lake, Grande Prairie, and Drumheller. If you live in Ontario, you are also in luck because we will be performing in Ottawa as well. For more information on show times and locations, please visit us at our website.

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