Purchase Circus Tickets Online and Reserve your Spot

The circus. The name draws up vivid memories of your childhood, when your parents took you to see exotic animals like elephants and tigers, and watch incredible acrobats twist and turn in fantastical ways. You probably even held your breath when you saw a tightrope walker perform for the first time (We all did). Now you are in luck, because the Royal Canadian Circus is coming to Alberta, and we may stop near you!

Purchase circus tickets online and reserve your spot now for our 2016 circus roster. Due to the demand, our available tickets are decreasing and fast. You just cannot beat the circus for entertainment value. Other options cannot compare to the fun you will have and the excitement you will feel when you see our amazing professional gymnasts and acrobats, magnificent elephants and other animals doing tricks, or the booming presence of our ringleader as he commands your attention under the Big Top!

Most people never see the same movie twice, unless it is exceptional. Knowing exactly how it will end, no matter how spectacular it was, somewhat cheapens the experience. Unless it is your favorite film, you will probably find another to watch. With family and friends having their own preferences, finding a movie theatre to accommodate everyone can be difficult. Not so with the Royal Canadian Circus.

When you purchase circus tickets online or in person, you know that every performance is both exciting and magical. This is because no two performances are alike. With so many acts to see and so many performances we put on with every single show, there truly is something for everyone at the circus. We would not have it any other way. Re-kindle your passion for arts like dance, acrobatics, and animals doing tricks, with an amazing show at the Royal Canadian Circus.

Even as you are sitting in your ringside seats, waiting for the spectacle to begin, you will feel the giddiness of the fans, the excitement of children, and the nostalgia washing over adults in the stands. There is no better feeling than a community coming together to experience what is one of the greatest entertainment spectacles on Earth.

However, you and everyone else feel this way. This is why you need to hurry and purchase circus tickets online to reserve your spot on this exciting adventure. Whether you go alone, or with family and friends, you will have the time of your life. We guarantee it.

Online ticket purchases are practically the only way to ensure you can buy your tickets. Even just a decade ago, to buy the tickets you wanted, you would have to drive to the venue, wait in line, and hope that tickets were still available by the time you reached the ticket booth or counter. Sometimes, they were out of tickets, due to the demand. While this may be only a minor inconvenience for entertainment like movies or plays, whose runtime depends on their popularity, the circus runs differently.

We only have a limited number of tickets based on our limited number of performances in your area. Unless you want to drive to another venue we are located at in the future, it is in your best interest to book your tickets as soon as possible for a show nearest to you.

The Royal Canadian Circus has scheduled stops in scheduled cities and towns across Alberta this year. Once our tickets are sold, we cannot accommodate requests for them. This is why it is so important that you purchase circus tickets online, before they are gone.

The Royal Canadian Circus provides memorable fun for the whole family. Save your spot today and purchase circus tickets online, directly from our website! It’s fast, easy, and ensures you will be able to experience all the wonder of being a kid again, no matter your age. Our 2016 roster includes stops in Calgary, Fort McMurray, Red Deer, Grande Prairie, Ottawa, Drumheller and Camrose.

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