Enjoy Fun Summer Activities & Entertainment with Your Friends and Family

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Whether you visit the circus every chance you get, or you have never been before, you will enjoy the Royal Canadian Circus. With a full roster this summer across Alberta, we are bringing the spectacle to the Canadian West. This is an once-in-a-lifetime chance for individuals living in the Canadian heartland to see the circus in all its glory. We have fun summer activities and entertainment for kids and the family that are sure to entertain you for hours on end.

However, the circus is not just for kids and the family; it is for your friends as well. Whether you are going with coworkers from the office, your sports team, or just a friend from a social club, there is something to enjoy for people of all ages and backgrounds.

Circus entertainment is universal. Everyone can delight in seeing majestic elephants perform tricks, trapeze artists defy gravity as they move in sync, and professional horse riders perform tricks like standing in the saddle.

Our professional performers always bring the best to every show, and constantly develop new tricks and routines to add to their repertoire. Unlike a movie or play, where everything happens in sequence and is predictable, there is always some new fun summer activities and entertainment to enjoy when you visit.

Instead of enrolling your children in day camp this summer, take them to the circus. Day camps, while fun, are centered around non-exotic activities, like tennis and swimming. Anyone can do that in many venues around your town or city, like at a community center or school. However, the circus provides the best alternative entertainment for kids and the family that cannot be found anywhere else.

As much as we love Alberta, the circus constantly travels. It is how we stay open for business. While we will return to your locale, keep in mind we travel constantly across Canada to bring Canadians like you the best experience of their lives. Do not pass up this opportunity to see the circus live. We can assure you will not regret it!

With options to sit ringside, in the VIP seating, or in the general admission seating, you and your kids can choose which acts you want to see. If you like the ringleader, sit ringside or in the VIP seating. If you like watching the acts a bit farther away so you can see everything at once, sit in the general admission seating.

With a variety of acts to see, we take into account everyone’s viewing preference to ensure they have a blast watching all the fun summer activities and entertainment we have to offer.

It is not everyday the circus comes to town! Reserve your seats in advance for an unforgettable experience that performs in your region at least once a year. Other activities like movies and sports occur everywhere. The Royal Canadian Circus, by contrast, is a treat to enjoy while it is around. Our time may be limited, but the fun is limitless.

Come for the entertainment and stay for the memories. Come back multiple times if you enjoy it. Every performance we put on is different than the last, ensuring every single one is unique and exciting, no matter how many times you visit. There is always something new to do or watch, whether you come alone, or with kids. Book your tickets today so you do not miss out!

The Royal Canadian Circus is a magical place where individuals of all ages can re-live their childhoods. We have fun summer activities and entertainment for kids and the family. In 2016, the Royal Canadian Circus is coming to Alberta, with stops in Calgary, Fort McMurray, Red Deer, Grande Prairie, Drumheller, Ottawa and Camrose. For more information, or if you would like to order tickets, please visit our website.

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