Never Too Old for Fun Summer Entertainment at the Circus

You may be in your early twenties or late eighties but one fact remains. You have outgrown some of your favourite past activities. However, one place remains where anyone of all ages can have fun: the Royal Canadian Circus. A few months ago, we hosted fun summer activities and entertainment for kids and the family, and now, get ready for our 2016 scheduling. It is going to be an awesome adventure you will never tire of, no matter how many times you attend. Here are the top three reasons why the circus will never stop amazing you, regardless of your age.

Animal Shows Are Always Exciting

Kids and the family will love our animal acts. See our handlers and performers alongside colossal elephants and graceful horses, as they amaze crowds under the Big Top! It is an amazing experience everyone keeps talking about. Watch as the animals perform tricks like walking on their hind feet or raising one foot in the air, and so much more.

Professional animal handlers and trainers treat our animal performers humanely and with loving care. We treat them like members of our large, inclusive family, because they are. Their health and well being is a higher priority to us before their performance schedule. Knowing that you are watching an amazing performance by well-treated and happy animals makes the excitement of watching fun animal activities and entertainment so much better.

Lovingly cared for and trained to perform, our animal acts are top notch and sure to excite the whole family, from the small children to the grandparents, with their fascinating repertoire of tricks and abilities. Visit the circus for this once in a lifetime experience. You will not regret it.

Circuses Are Only Limited by the Imagination

Every time you visit the circus there are always new activities and entertainment to experience. Our performers are athletic superstars who train tirelessly, day and night, to perform their acts as gracefully as humanly possible. After the show ends, they create new routines and moves that are sure to excite you the next time you come.

Whether you come by yourself, or you bring the kids and the family along, you will have a blast seeing everything the circus has to offer, from new and imaginative routines, to incredible sketch comedy by the clowns and amazing animal performances. Every show is different and every show is sure to excite.

Sit ringside to experience this amazing rendition of human physical ability and perfection as our performers do tricks like flipping through the air onto trapezes or perform funny clown acts on the ground. See tricks you never in your wildest dreams thought possible! The circus is where dreams come true.

Witness the Evolution of Circus Acts

With years of experience and dedication bringing smiles to kids and the family, we know that the key to a great circus experience is constantly updating and refining our tricks and acts. Over the years, new routines are developed, new animals are introduced, and new crowds pass by, delighted by what they have seen. One thing never changes: the excitement and grandeur of the Royal Canadian Circus.

Those who have attended the circus multiple times know just how special and evolved each visit is. They not only find new acts awe-inspiring, but also cherish the nostalgia of remembering older acts that are no longer performed. The excitement never goes away, whether you are eight or eighty. If you want an experience like no other, that you can hold dear for the rest of your life, visit the circus.

For a great experience like no other, whether alone or with kids and the family, visit the Royal Canadian Circus. We are back and better than ever, providing more activities and entertainment the whole family will love, with new stops in Camrose, Red Deer, Grande Prairie, Fort McMurray, Drumheller, Calgary and Ottawa. Please visit our website for more information.

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