The Royal Canadian Circus Is Better than Ever

The Royal Canadian Circus is back, with an amazing line-up for 2016. If you thought that fun summer activities and entertainment for kids and the family were the best, just wait and see what we have in store for you. With exciting acts and incredible performers, we are pulling out all the stops to ensure you and your family have the time of your lives.

See the Animals!

Where would a circus be without its animal acts and performances? Graceful horses and ponies doing tricks are a delight to see, but the real treasure is our elephant acts. Watch as these magnificent and intelligent animals perform incredible feats with the assistance of their trainers and the ringmaster under the Big Top! Every performance is unique and every performance is amazing for the kids and the family.

The Trapeze Is Terrific

Some of the fittest athletes around perform in the circus. Trapeze artists have been training their whole lives as gymnasts to be able to not only do their aerial feats, but to make them look easy! That is hard for any athlete to do, let alone one that needs to combine balance, speed, power, strength, and endurance, all at the same time.

These men and women work tirelessly to put on a great show, every show, and are the backbone of our circus, ensuring their acts are fun activities and entertainment for the whole family. Of course the trapeze artists are not alone in their commitment. Other phenomenal athletes you can view at the circus include tightrope walkers and cyclists, animal handlers (who perform with the animals), acrobats, gymnasts, and so many more.

Great for Kids and the Family

There are few fun activities and entertainment options that the whole family can enjoy, and the circus is one of them. If you went to the circus as a child, you will certain feel nostalgic when you see the elephants perform tricks or the tightrope walkers defying the laws of physics. You may even be more in awe of such acts than your children, who may not know what to expect the first time they attend the circus.

If you have children, they will be amazed at all the attractions of the circus, from the bright lights and acrobatics, to the ringleader and the clowns performing funny skits. Men and women, young and old, love the circus and keep coming back. Soon, your children will do the same. It is just an amazing experience they have to enjoy at least once in their lives.

Be a Part of History

Circuses have been around for thousands of years. From the ancient Coliseum to the Royal Canadian Circus, circuses have always been a popular entertainment choice for kids and the family. The chariot races and historical battle re-enactments may be gone but the spectacle still exists.

Modern shows still have great acts not seen before, as animal trainers develop new tricks and performers create new routines or add new skills to their repertoire. Nowhere else can people see exotic animals on display, or incredibly talented performers show after show. It is an amazing experience to see and one you won’t regret. After all, there is a reason circuses have remained popular for the past few millennia.

The Royal Canadian Circus operates in Camrose, Red Deer, Grande Prairie, Fort McMurray, Drumheller, Calgary and Ottawa. It is our priority, every show, to provide fun summer and winter activities and entertainment for kids and the family.

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