Royal Canadian Circus Is the Place to Be

Whether it is the weekend, you have worked very hard, and plan to use your free time wisely. Most parents wish to spend as much time with their family and do so by going to the movies, or going ice skating, or even just taking a road trip and renting a cottage for a few days or weeks.
If you want a truly unforgettable experience, complete with fun family activities and entertainment to share with your son or daughter, or children of any age, come to the Royal Canadian Circus. Here are four reasons why your children will love the circus.

Many Different Animal Acts

Horses, ponies, and elephants: Royal Canadian Circus has it all. Children love animals and what better place to be than the circus, where they can see their favourite animals doing tricks under the Big Top? It is an amazing experience they will not only remember, but beg to see again, before the season ends.

For the conscientious animal lover in the family, they will be pleased to know we treat our animals with the dignity and respect they deserve. Our professional trainers and handlers ensure our animals are in top health and are happy. We are an animal-friendly circus and strive to make that known with every performance. We strive to make every animal-based activity as fun as possible, for both the performers and spectators, as we do with all other acts to provide fun family activities and entertainment night after night.

Fun Family Activities and Entertainment for Children of Any Age

Unlike other attractions like amusement parks or movies, the circus does not have an age restriction. Our events and acts are open to children of any age. Whether your son or daughter want to see trapeze artists or acrobats doing tricks like bicycling across a tightrope, rest assured we provide fun family activities and entertainment throughout the show.

The circus is never boring, nor will it ever be. Whether you go once, twice, or a dozen times per season, there is always something new for you and your children to experience and fall in love with.

Watch in suspended silence as acrobats dare fate and perform mesmerising acts high above the crowds as the ringleader rouses the audience with their booming voice and commanding attention. Because every performance is special, it is a once in a lifetime experience everyone should experience at least once.

The Performers Are Physical Role Models

When your son or daughter tells you about their sports heroes, they probably mention famous sports stars that are constantly in the media, like Michael Phelps or Vanessa Williams. What your children might not know is just how athletic circus performers are.

Performers have to seamlessly incorporate strength, endurance, grace, balance, and so many other physical abilities while doing the most common circus acts, like the trapeze or acrobatics. When animals are involved in the acts, the skills demanded are so much higher. If your son, daughter, or children of any age are enrolled in dance, martial arts, gymnastics, or any other sport which requires them to incorporate so many physical skills at once, they may be interested in going to the circus and seeing our own professional athletes.

Fun Family Activities and Entertainment Are Not Just for Children

Adults can enjoy the circus too. At the Royal Canadian Circus, we love when adults are as focused on our performances as their children. It means we have done a good job creating and performing acts that are appropriate for all ages. Going to the circus is not like the movies, where adults take their children to see a children’s movie they may not enjoy. The circus truly is one of the best attractions where adults can have as much, if not more fun, than their children. Temporarily forget the responsibilities of being an adult, and enjoy a night of fun and amazing performances from our human and animal performers alike, at the circus where this is all possible.

The Royal Canadian Circus operates in Camrose, Red Deer, Grande Prairie, Fort McMurray, Drumheller, Calgary and Ottawa bringing incredible memories to children and parents with every show.

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