We Hope You Enjoyed Your Fun Summer Entertainment, See You Next Year!

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2015 was a great season for the Royal Canadian Circus and we are proud of all the fun summer activities we were able to provide families throughout Alberta. From the traditional big top tent, the Wallendas, the Flying Cortes Family, the globe of fire, to the live animals and our various clowns, it was an amazing year. We wanted to highlight many of the fun family activities that you enjoyed throughout the year in one final bang before we prepare for next season’s itinerary of new fun summer entertainment.

The Media Visits the Circus

We were very lucky this season with all of the media coverage our circus received. These visits showcased the various fun family activities that we provide to our guests.

Shaw TV on the Circus

We were fortunate to have Shaw TV visit us in May. They painted a general picture of our circus and the fun family activities that we offer.

CTV News: Stolen Circus Equipment Story

CTV aired a special about Rick Wallenda and a set of stolen costumes that were recovered by a local school in Alberta. Wallenda was very appreciative that the costumes were found, some of which were knitted by his aunt and were sentimental to him and his team.

While most of the equipment was returned, this strange incident led to an interesting encounter. Wallenda himself was able to link up with Tim Guinee, start of Hell on Wheels, who ended up lending Wallenda a set of tightrope walking shoe. In return Guinee asked Wallenda for tightrope walking lessons.
Guinee described himself as a passionate individual who was interested in learning how to tightrope walk.

“Years and years ago, in college, they had a circus class, basically juggling, unicycle riding. But one of the teachers put up a tight wire one day, just for the day. I did it and thought that was fun and forgot about it,” said Guinee. “Then in my 40s, I was in LA, I was at a party talking to a girl who did trapeze.

Somehow, I thought, I’d like to get on a tight wire again and mentioned it to her. She said, I know a school where there’s a tight wire but there’s nobody there who teaches it. I went over there and they let me use the tight wire. It is two feet off the ground so you’re not going to kill yourself. I don’t know how, but I got completely obsessed with it.”

Guinee complimented Wallenda, saying that he was a pleasure to work with and that he was a great teacher who was encouraging and willing to share his expertise.

“At some point, he was talking about training and I just asked him. There are wire walkers I know who are very secretive who won’t tell you things they think they discovered, and they’re very jealous and silly. Rick wasn’t that way at all,” said Guinee.

Breakfast Television: The Globe of Death

One of the most popular fun summer activities that we offer is the Globe of Death. Breakfast Television ran a segment highlighting this awesome attraction and how a team of skilled riders are able to traverse the globe in an act of beautiful synchronization.

Elephant Painting Elephants

Most of our guests visit the circus to see our amazing animals. Elephants are extremely intelligent and a great form of fun family entertainment. Our circus features many talented elephants and we are truly proud of our giant friends. To highlight the intelligence of these creatures, an elephant in Thailand known as Suda was tasked with painting a picture of an elephant. See the video for yourself and you will be shocked at how accurate her painting was.

Two of our elephants, Marie and Shelly, have been providing families with fun family activities for many years. These two super intelligent and happy creatures were known for dancing to the infamous Gagnam Style by Psy in 2014 and they certainly deserve style points.

See You Next Year!

There you have it, the season is over. We shared many fun family activities and we hope to see you next year at the Royal Canadian Circus. We offer fun summer entertainment to families and individuals located in Calgary, Red Deer, Medicine Hat, Lethbridge, and most of Alberta. Enjoy the rest of the summer and we’ll see you next year, prepared with a new catalogue of fun summer activities.

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