Frequently Asked Questions: How To Purchase Circus Tickets Online

The Royal Canadian Circus provides families with top-notch entertainment for individuals of all ages. If you are thinking of attending one of our shows, purchase circus tickets online, it is easy, safe, and painless. If you have any questions regarding the process to purchase circus tickets online, take a look at the answers to frequently asked questions.

What Type of Tickets Are There

For every shows there are three different types of tickets. When you purchase circus tickets online, you must choose between general admission, VIP, and ringside seating. General admission includes chair and bench seating throughout the entire tent, VIP includes first row seating immediately behind the walkway and ringside, and ringside seating includes plush chairs that are placed right on the circus ring.

When I Purchase Circus Tickets Online, Is Seating Assigned?

There is no assigned seating for general admission tickets, VIP, or ringside, but VIP and ringside guests are guaranteed a seat. Ensure that you purchase circus tickets online to guarantee yourself a seat in our next show.

How Do I Receive My Tickets?

When you purchase circus tickets online, you will receive a link to the PDF file of our tickets. Open them up and you will be able to print them out. Stick them on the fridge and bring them with you the day you come to our circus. When you buy your tickets online, there is no hassle.

The Royal Canadian Circus has been entertaining families for generations. We are dedicated to our community and we work hard to put on high quality shows for audiences in Calgary, Red Deer, Medicine Hat, Lethbridge and throughout all of Alberta. If you have any questions about our circus, purchasing tickets, or our company, please feel free to contact us today.






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