Online Buyers Always Win: Purchase Circus Tickets Online

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Are you leery about purchasing things online? If you are planning to attend our circus, we suggest that you purchase circus tickets online. The entire process is painless and it guarantees that you will have your ticket come the day of the show. The Royal Canadian Circus offers many different methods for our customers to purchase tickets, but none are as easy as purchasing them online.

First off, buyers are always protected in online transactions. If something were to happen, major credit card companies and banks will always side with buyers. Naturally, our website is safe and we make it easy to purchase circus tickets online.

How do you purchase circus tickets online? Open our website and click the section titled “Buy Tickets!” Find a show that suits your schedule and click “Buy Now.” You will notice at the bottom of the page that you have the option of buying a $30 general admission ticket, a $40 VIP ticket, and a $50 ringside ticket. Select the quantity that you want for each ticket, enter any relevant coupons that you may have, provide us with your contact information, fill out the verification field, accept our terms, and proceed to the next page.

On the next page, you will be asked to provide your payment information. If you are using a major credit card, select which one you are using and enter your information. We also allow our customers to pay via interact. It really is that easy to purchase circus tickets online and to guarantee your spot at one of our upcoming shows.

The Royal Canadian Circus allows all of its customers to purchase circus tickets online. If you are interested in attending one of our Calgary, Red Deer or Alberta shows, please feel free to contact us today. Don’t hesitate to purchase circus tickets online, it is a simple and safe process.

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