Our Animals Come First at the Greatest Big Top Show on Earth

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The Royal Canadian Circus is offering the greatest big top show on earth to delight and astound children of all ages as well as the entire family. Our animal performers as well as our skilled circus group will bring you back to your childhood days, when you enjoyed the circus with your family!

At the Royal Canadian Circus, our animal performers are our top priority. They work closely with their trainers, who take all necessary safety precautions necessary and ensure each animal is treated with respect and dignity while entertaining and amazing audiences. Whether you are watching the majestic horses, or the big cats, you can be assured that the animals are part of our circus family and are treated as family.

Once you watch our performers working together, you will see the connection between animal and trainer. Our trainers have a zero tolerance policy on animal abuse and cruelty as evidenced by the humane, kind treatment of each and every animal in our show. Our trainers are protectors of animals and have an obvious love of their animals. Our trainers often speak out against any form of animal abuse and cruelty and employ positive reinforcement during performances and in training. At Royal Canadian Circus, we understand the animals are integral to our show and to the success of the circus, and ensure each animal is given top priority when it comes to care. Our experienced, expert trainers consider what is best for their animal and do not tolerate any form of animal abuse or cruelty.

The Royal Canadian Circus is a family circus with a long history of performing amazing circus shows for our valued audiences. Our trainers enjoy their work and the bond between animal and trainer is extremely strong. The Royal Canadian Circus as well as all the trainers takes a stand against animal abuse or cruelty on a regular basis. We will not allow an animal to suffer in any way under our care, which is evident during the performance. Our animals are trained with love, care and attention and are happy and thriving in their family environment.

The Royal Canadian Circus has a great line up of shows not to be missed throughout the spring and summer in Red Deer, Calgary and Alberta.

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