Bring Your Entire Family to the Circus for Family Fun and Entertainment

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If you are looking for a fun family activity that will provide hours of enjoyment, entertainment and laughter, look no further than the amazing Royal Canadian Circus. There is something for the entire family in this exciting new show including the largest cat act in the world with Tigers, performing Elephants, Equestrian Horses, amazing Trapeze artistry, Comedy, Clowns and high flying Acrobatics. You will not be disappointed with the spectacular array of talent and skill that comprises our 2014 shows.

It is well known that children love the circus. From the smell of the popcorn, to the excitement of sitting under the big top, there is no childhood rite of passage quite like being taken to the circus. Family memories and traditions are forged at the circus, and generations of children will grow up to bring their children to delight in and enjoy the talented performers and the amazing animals. Let the Royal Canadian Circus become a part of your family tradition!

This year, the Royal Canadian Circus Celebrates 251 years of Zerbini Family Circus history. Our roots are in Paris, beginning in 1763, and continue to this day under the European style big top.

This year’s Royal Canadian Circus will amaze you as one spectacular act after another showcases their skill and talent to create the best form of family entertainment available today. Let your children and family members of all ages experience the magic of the circus. This fun family activity will allow your children and loved ones to spend quality time together, away from today’s hectic pace. Leave the electronics at home as your family gets back to basics with the Royal Canadian Circus.

The Royal Canadian Circus is a world famous circus that is enjoyed by children of all ages, providing entertainment for the entire family in Red Deer and Calgary, Alberta. Visit our website at to learn about the full schedule of performances throughout May 2014.

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